Spring 1 2020

Date: 18th Jan 2020 @ 11:59am

Our Learning Spring 1 2020

In Maths we have been exploring the number eight and the number nine. All children made the parts of each number using our different mathematical equipment.




Children have also been making amounts with their fingers. All children have been shown how to quickly find numbers on their hands. Children are learning they have five fingers on one hand, so if they were to show 8 they’d need to show one hand and three more instead of counting each finger separately.


In Literacy children firstly looked at the book ‘Pets’. We learned it is a non-fiction book because it is not a story. We discussed why we have a contents page and a glossary.





Children worked in groups to research pets they didn’t know a lot about such as a chipmunk and a lizard. After this children wrote a fact about their favourite pet using their phonics knowledge. This week we moved onto learning about farm animals through looking at the fiction book, ‘Six Little Chicks’. We used talk for writing actions for the beginning of the book. We stopped and asked children what do they think will happen next?




We have played lots of other games such as snap (with the animals children were unsure of), creating animals in the workshop area and describing them, playing guessing yes/no games which children pretend to be an animal.


During continuous provision time children have used animals in our role play area, sand and water area to tell stories about the different animals.


Please remind your child the only day they bring toys to school if Friday when it is show and tell. Some children are bringing toys into the classroom which can easily get lost.

Please note this week we had an incident where someone had brought in sweets and wanted to share them with friends during lesson time. All children are have access to healthy snack  throughout the day as well as milk and a meal at lunch. It is important that children never share food as others may have specific dietary requirements.


Please note all parents must be out of the reception area when the bell sounds at 8.50am. Please ensure your child is in the classroom on time as we start teaching straight after our register. When children come late they miss vital learning and will need extra support to catch up.