Upcoming events in Reception

Date: 29th Oct 2019 @ 4:10pm

This week in is our Art Week. Children have been learning about the artist, Andy Goldsworthy. We enjoyed looking at his inspiring artwork. All children understood Andy uses materials found outside to create artwork such as stones, shells and sticks. We all had great fun going on an Autumn walk around school. We found lots of different coloured leaves and we sorted them into colours such as yellow, red, brown, orange and green. Each teacher focused on a different skill throughout our art week. Miss Mackenzie supported children to make paintbrushes using natural materials. Children showed lots of perseverance whilst attaching their materials; they used string, pegs, tape, elastic bands and experimented with fixing the materials together. After this, we tested it out on an art easel and spoke about which materials were the best. Mrs Mehmood supported children to weave natural materials in and out of a weaving frame; children were able to weave under and over the string. Mrs King and Mrs Khan have been working outside to create large scale pieces of art using different natural materials such as sticks, stones, leaves, apples and conkers. Children are looking forward to working with parents on Friday 1st November from 2.30pm to create patterns in the style of Andy Goldsworthy and will be taking pictures of their artwork which will be displayed on our website.


In Literacy we have been learning about the story Whatever Next! We loved reading up to the point where Baby Bear doesn’t want to have a bath, he wants to travel somewhere in his box. All week we will be looking at different types of transport and predicting where Baby Bear might travel to. Children have had lots of fun using toy vehicles in the small world areas, construction areas, sand areas and water areas. We have created a vocabulary display (a large tree painted in the sensory room and in the corridor). Please look out for the new vocabulary we have been learning. Can your child use these words at home with you?


In Maths this week we are focusing on, the number of a group can be changed by adding to or taking from it, addition and subtraction of 1 and number bonds to 5. Please see the key vocabulary learned this week:

“First there was ___. Then ____. Now ___.”

e.g. “First there was a tower of five cubes. Then one cube fell into a hole. Now there is a tower of four cubes.”

We also encouraged children to describe the composition of 5 using more generalised language such as, “five is made of four and one.” “Four and one is five.” “Five subtract one is four”.

Please remember children’s learning will be sent home on the target tracker link. Please read this for further information on the activities your child has participated in this week.


Dates for your diaries


On Friday 1st November we have our second phonic workshop from 9.15-11.45am. Additionally we also have our parents’ art week on Friday 1st November from 2.30pm onwards. A letter has also been given out about our Maths workshop on 20th November. Please remember your reply slip so we can accommodate everyone.