Wash Scrub Brush - RJM

Date: 15th Oct 2019 @ 2:26pm

Wash Scrub Brush!

In Literacy we read the book Wash Scrub Brush! We carried out lots of practical activities such as, washing our hands, getting dressed by ourselves, washing babies and sequencing how to brush our teeth correctly. Children then created information books about how to keep healthy. We have noticed that many children struggled with getting changed. Please ensure you encourage your child to get dressed and undressed at home as this is an essential skill children must master when they are in Reception. Lots of children are given one to one support to get changed for P.E and it would help if you could show your children how to look after their clothes by putting them in a neat pile. We talked about the importance of keeping ourselves clean and healthy. We spoke about brushing our teeth, washing our hair and bodies. We also spoke about when and why we need to wash our hands. We used soap and made sure we rubbed it into our hand, nails, knuckles and cuticles to get rid of the germs that we cannot see. We then washed off the soap and dried our hands.