W/C 13/5/19

Date: 17th May 2019 @ 1:24pm

Our Learning

In Maths we have had lots of fun learning about halving. Children have tried really hard to understand how to halve an even number by sharing the number into two equal groups. We also had a go at solving some problems where we had to work out how many spots the butterflies have and then halve the number.



In Literacy we have been learning about Jack and the Beanstalk. We loved retelling the story outside using props. Children used their imaginations for their props, e.g. we make a beanstalk using the green construction and a castle using the wooden blocks. Some children wrote sentences describing the beanstoke using the word and. Some children sequenced Jack and The Beanstalk pictures, after that they read four sentences with their partners and placed them under the correct picture, they then wrote an independent story which they will write the ending to next week. Some children discussed what a seed needs to grow and wrote this.

Some children have been using their phonics knowledge to write their own story.



Children have also enjoyed planting seeds outside. Thank you to those children who brought seeds from home. Children have been investigating the question, ‘how do plants grow?’ We will be experimenting with the best way to care for our plant.