Butterflies and Ladybirds 2018 - 2019

Miss Mackenzie

Mrs King

Butterfly Class                                                                     Ladybird Class

Class Teacher: Miss J Mackenzie                          Class Teacher: Mrs C King

Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Ashworth                      Teaching Assistant: Mrs J Mehmood

Support Staff: Miss D Broadbent & Miss T Fenn

Welcome to Reception.

At Reedley Primary School we aim to ensure that all children receive high quality provision which is multi-sensory and engaging, provides first-hand experiences and develops confident, independent learners. The education that all children receive at Reedley is broad, inclusive, builds on the experiences they bring with them and relates new learning directly to their lives. At the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage we aim to have developed children who are confident to make positive relationships with their peers, able to communicate their own interests, wants and needs clearly to others, enthusiastic, independent and inquisitive learners who ask questions and want to find out more about the world around them. We celebrate children’s learning and behaviour daily and love to hear about learning at home, please bring in pieces of this so we can showcase their learning.


Parent Reminders

On Friday morning we have P.E. Please make sure your child has their P.E kit in school. 

Please ensure children bring their reading book bags into school every day. 

Homework will be set on a Friday, and it would be it is important that you support your child with this as it will be collected on Wednesday.


Reception Routines

When the children arrive we encourage them to hang their coats up and put their book bags and water bottles in the correct place. They are encouraged to answer the question of the day, find their name for self-registration and then come and find a space on the carpet ready for our morning work. We look through our visual timetable together so that we all know what's coming up and in what order. We then complete our class calendar.  

We then begin our lessons with our phonics groups. These are made up of four interactive parts so that children revisit, learn, practise and apply their skills.

We then build on our phonics through learning about high quality books each week during our Literacy inputs. In small groups, the children retell the story through drama and games and then develop their writing through creating story maps, to eventually help them to retell a part of the story or even create their own ending. When they are not working with an adult they can use the continuous provision where teachers or teaching assistants will be on hand to progress their learning further.

During the morning children will go outside for a playtime. The children come back into their classroom and continue with their learning from the morning.

In Mathematics we begin with a short carpet input with number songs and counting games. We then introduce or consolidate the area of maths we are focusing on, which could be number, shape, space or measure. We then work with the children in small groups and when not with an adult, the children select from a range of learning inside or outside including maths related ones.  

The children go into the hall for their lunch.

Afternoon - We register the children again and may start off the afternoon with talk for writing and guided reading session.

We then explain the different activities on offer in our classrooms and outside. There is always an adult supporting or leading play in the outdoor area with children from both reception classes. We are encouraging the children to take responsibility for their learning so we talk about what equipment we need out, what they intend to do and have a short review at the end of the session. We will have adult led activities taking place throughout the afternoon relating to understanding the word where children will explore, investigate, test ideas and learn about the world around them. We also use this time to listen to your children, play with them and observe how they interact with their peers.

During 'key person time' children will have their milk and snack.

Finally children will be encouraged to tidy up and get ready for home time.

Friday is slightly different as we have P.E and reading in the mornings. We also have assembly on Friday afternoon.

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