Butterflies and Ladybirds 2018 - 2019

Miss Mackenzie

Mrs King

Butterfly Class - Miss Mackenzie, Miss Ashraf, Miss Ashworth and Miss Fenn

Ladybird Class - Mrs King,Mrs Mehmood,Miss Ashworth and Miss Fenn

Birthday Bags.

Please do not put lollipops inside any birthday bags as it is a school policy.

 Our Learning.

In maths this week the children have been learning to use objects or their fingers to count on and back when adding and subtracting. They have enjoyed learning and singing the song 'Up and Down My Numberline'. The children have been playing games and have been solving so many problems which have involved adding and subtracting. A game that they particularly enjoyed was bowling because they loved finding out who had won the game by adding up how many pins had been knocked down. Also some children have been practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s on the abacus. These children discovered that counting in 2s, 5s and 10s is a much quicker way to count groups rather than in counting a objects at a time.   



Art Week

Children have been learning facts about the artist Pablo Picasso. They looked at different examples of his work first and focused on his self-portraits. Children discussed how his pictures looked like jigsaws. They then created their own by looking at themselves in the mirror. After this, they drew themselves with a pencil and then used oil pastels to colour their faces. Children then cut their two portraits up and assembled them to make two new pictures. 



Children have been focusing on developing fundamental movements, (catch,running, hopping, underarm throw, overarm throw and jumping). Our physical education is linked to the book Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae. To warm up children have been moving like different animals. To develop their gymnastic skills, children have been jumping off gym tables to jump down from trees. Children have been jumping high like a giraffe. Rolling like hippos and balancing on small and large body parts. 


Can you help?

It is important that children have access to the outdoor area in all weathers. Children have been enjoying playing in our new "nature kitchen" in the yeard area and have been developing their communication skills through role playing. We provide all children with waterproofs, however, we have found that some do not fit over your child's coats and some cannot fit over their wellies. Therefore if possible could your child bring their own waterproof clothing?

Our class pets.

Children have shown lots of interest in mini beasts. We have been digging up our old flowers ready to plant some vegetables. The children were amazed to find 4 caterpillars. We handled them so carefully and put them and some worms in our bug hotel. We wrote letters to Mrs Bell to ask her if we could possibly get a class pet. Mrs Bell enjoyed reading our letters and she said yes! We researched how to look after snails. We got a special package. We excitedly opened it up and it was a snail tub with a snail inside. Over the weekend Miss Mackenzie visited Lydia and brought home another snail. We all choose a name for the snails and then had a class vote to decide on the final names. The butterfly class named their snail Rocket and the ladybird class named their snail Rainbow. A few days later we discovered a new baby snail and we cannot wait for it to get as big as Rocket and Rainbow.


Exploring the great outdoors

Following children's intrests we decided to experiment building a moat in the sand pit. This involved children using their gross motor skills to dig a large hole in the sand and built on their team working skills. Children had to choose the correct tool they thought was going to work the best. Children got to watch the effect of pouring water into sand and experimented by touching, moulding and stamping into the wet sand, they then realised that when standing on it they started to sink into the sand. To further the children's learning we asked the children if they thought the same would happen if they did it in the mud. We experimented this in the mud focusing on sinking and floating. Miss Broadbent and Mrs Ashworth enjoyed getting very wet and muddy with the children too!smiley

Parent Reminders

Monday - Reaading records will be collected by teachers in the morning.

Wednesday - Homework books will be collected by teachers in the morning. We also have our VIP visits on Wednesday morning from 9am till 10am where parents can come and see their child doing phonics. 

Please ensure children bring their reading book bags into school every day. 

Homework will be set on a Friday, and it would be it is important that you support your child with this as it will be collected on Wednesday.

P.E takes place every Friday Morning. Please ensure children have their P.E kits in school.

P.E kit reminder:

* Black pumps (no trainers).

* Black shorts ( girls are allowed to wear black leggings).

* Red T- shirt.

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