Marvellous Marvels 2018 - 2019

Mr Ellis

Miss Iqbal is our Class Teacher and during the course of the year, Mrs Butt, Mr Howson and Miss Daar will be supporting teaching and learning in Year 3.

We hope you had a lovely summer holiday and ready for a new and exciting year ahead. We are very excited about all the interesting and fun activities we have planned for year 3.

Autumn Term 2

(Nov - Dec 2017)

During this term we will be learning about Animals and how to keep healthy and fit.

We have been extremely lucky to have had the the Wild Road Show visit us.

In English we have been very busy learning about 'Poems with a structure'. We had lots of creating our imaginative poems.

This half term in Art we have created Aboriginal Artwork inspired by the work of Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi. Have a look at our work below...

In DT this half term we have been learning about keeping fit and healthy. As part of our cooking sessions we each made a healthy sandwich...


It is expected that children in Year 3 will read their reading book every night (10 - 15 mins). Reading Challenge records are regularly checked in school and books are changed when read. Children have the opportunity to read daily whilst in school and are able to independently choose a book of interest to take home.


The children will receive homework every week on a Friday, which needs to be completed and back in School by Wednesday. Every week your child will be given 5 spellings to learn, which will tested on a Friday.


Our PE lesson is on a Thursday afternoon. Please make sure you have the correct kit in school at all times.

What We are Learning

This half term our Class Topic is the 'Pendle Witches'. We will be learning lots of interesting and gruesome facts about where the witches lived and what they did with their magical powers!

Please check our web page regularly to see to keep updated of our exciting learning journey.


In Maths this week, 3I have been focusing on 2D shapes. They have drawn different shapes and have identified the properties e.g. numbers of sides, corners and lines of symmetry.

They have also looked at how to find perimeters of a  2D shapes, by calculating the length and width.


In English, we have been reading The Lambton Worm. The children have made actions and have been practising them. They have written and drawn pictures about where the story is set, talked about the characters and described the feelings of each character. 


Au revoir  Bonjour   Merci   Bonne nuit  Salut  Bonsoir  Enchante

In French, we have been learning how to greet one another. We have worked in groups to make sentences of what we might say by practising with our vocabulary cards. We are also looking at how to pronounce colours and numbers up to 10. 

Un  Deux Trois Quatre Cinq Six Sept Huit Neuf Dix

Lancashire Library Bus

This week, Class 3I got a chance to visit the Library Bus where children got to pick some amazing books. Libraries carry a selection of books suitable for all ages. Some of our favourites books were available, The Witches, Special Story of Christmas, How to make Cakes!!!!!


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