Orcas 2018 - 2019

Mr Ellis

Autumn 2


In English we have been reading and writing instructions. We gave Mrs Sange instructions to make a jam sandwich. We found out that the instructions need to be clear and easy to follow. We wrote our own instructions to help others make a New Years card.


Our theme this half term was Fighting Fit. We found out why exercise is important. We worked with Coach Liam on a range of different activities and found out what happened to our bodies as we exercised.

P.E - Dance

We used the story Little Red Riding Hood to produce a dance. We thought about how the characters behaved at differeent parts of the story and used gestures and movement to show this.

Autumn 1


Stories with Familiar settings

In English this half term we have been enjoying the book The Pirates Next Door by Jonny Duddle. We have acted out the story using Talk For Writing. We thought of questions we would like to ask the characters and then used our story voices to ask and answer questions with a partner. Some characters even received letters from us.


On the 30th September we enjoyed our visit from Prince Lumino. We helped him tidy up the kingdom before the Queen arrived home. To do this we had to complete some Maths challenges including finding odd and even numbers, weighing, multiplication, addition and finding faces on 3D shapes.


We found out what ‘birds eye view’ means. We used aerial maps and our local knowledge to draw maps of the area around the school. On our maps we included a key to show what the different symbols represented.


We walked round the school building to identify changes that had taken place over time. We interviewed Mrs Walton and discovered that the school was first built in 1977 but had been extended several times.

Did you Know the school was built on the site of Reedley Farm?


We talked about the importance of listening and discussed different ways of showing good listening. After this we tested our good listening skills by giving each other instructions to follow.

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