Puffins 2018 - 2019

Mr Ellis

Autumn 2


We have been looking at traditional tales and sorted the characters into good and bad. We decided Goldilocks and Jack from 'Jack and the Beanstalk' were bad. We did a role on the wall for the different characters and acted out the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood' using Talk for Write.


It was great tasting a variety of fruit and invesitgating which was the sweetest. We all had different opinions. Some were sweet and some were sour. 


We have used circle time to talk to each other about changes that have taken place in the new school year. Some changes made us feel happy and some made us feel sad. We talked about how to deal with our sad thoughts and how talking to someone helps.

Autumn 1


We had a special visitor in our school. It was Billy Bob Buttons who is a children's author. He read a story called 'The Hungry Grasshopper' to us. We loved the story and all the pictures that he had on the board! We even had the chance to buy some of his books and get them signed by him. 


Place Value

We have been representing numbers in different ways including partitioning, drawing tens and ones and writing the number in words. It was fun working as a team, using post it notes to place numbers on a numberline.


We have found out about the physical and human features in the local area. First we looked around the school grounds and then we went for a walk on the roads nearby to see what we could see. We saw lots of different types of houses as well as Pendle Hill in the distance.


We have been finding out how games have changed over the years by asking our parents which games they played when they were young. We talked about different games that can be played in the playground and found that many of them have been played in the past.


We talked about the importance of listening and discussed different ways of showing good listening. After this we tested our good listening skills by giving each other instructions to follow.


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