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Welcome to the Star Class

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Mrs King (Class Teacher), Mrs Mehmood (Teaching Assistant) and Miss Williams (Teaching Apprentice).

In Literacy we have been learning about Jack and the Beanstalk. We loved retelling the story outside using props and inside using the small world area.                               

Children used their imaginations for their props, e.g. we make a beanstalk using the green construction and a castle using the wooden blocks. We discussed if Jack should have stolen from the giant. In the book, the Giant ate lots of food before falling asleep. Then next day in school, we received a letter from the Giant, he asked for us to create menus and leave him his supper out each night. Children played in our castle role play area pretending to be the greedy giant whilst others pretended to be Jack and the Giantess making him a huge meal. Lots of children recorded this drawing fantastic pictures and used their phonics to write a menu of the options available to the Giant.

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As a class we came up with ideas of what Jack could have done instead. Many children came up with some fantastic ideas such as Jack asking the Giant if he has a job he could carry out for the Giant. Children looked at the You choose book for further ideas.


In phonics all children have now learnt all sounds in phase 3 phonics. All children are going to recap their phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs, please continue to read their home reading book each week to consolidate their learning.

Children have also enjoyed planting a bean seed. Children pushed their bean down into their soil and watered it. They then created a picture of a castle and attached it to the top of a long stick so their beanstalk will grown up to the top of their castle. Thank you to the parents who contributed £1 towards the cost of the soil and seeds. Please ensure you bring in your donations and we are also going to use this money to plant flowers outside in our large planters. 


In Maths we have had lots of fun learning about teen numbers. Children have ordered numbered socks on a washing line. Created teen numbers with ten frames and numicon, played bingo to 20 with numerals and pictures of amount. 

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We’ve have had so much fun watching our caterpillars grow they have doubled in size since last week! We are going to watch them carefully to see when they are going to make a cocoon.  

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Next children will be investigating the question, ‘what do seeds need to grow?’ We will be experimenting with the best way to care for our seeds and observe what happens when we place seeds in different environments such as the fridge, the cupboard, inside and outside. 



In the Spring Term our theme is 'Pets, Farm and Jungle Animals':
  • In Maths we will be revising our number bonds to 5 and learning our subtraction facts within 5. We will learn about zero and add/subtract amounts within 5. We will cover heavier/lighter than and capacity. We will also explore the composition of the numbers 6, 7 and 8. 
  • In Literacy we will reading non-fiction books about pets, farm, and jungle animals. We will read and make predictions about the stories 'Six Little Chicks' and 'Giraffes Can't Dance'.
  • In Phonics we will be learning Phase 3. We are following Lancashire's Red Rose programme and will be enjoying lots of fun games such 'cross the river'. 

The children in Star Class have been completing some fantastic learning over the half term.


During Science week we have been investigating growth. To do this we discussed the question- are we as wide as we are tall? Children then worked in partners to measure their friend using wool. Children then held the wool and spread their arms out wide. We found around 60% of the children were as wide as they are tall. We are looking after the pieces of wool and children will investigate the question during the Summer Term: How do I know if I’ve grown since the Spring term.

During Science Day we learnt about a Scientist called who found out about floating and sinking. We investigated the question: Which toys float and which toys sink?

Children tested different toys. Our findings were- the metal cars, pans and bun tin cases sunk to the bottom, whereas the plastic toys such as Lego and wooden toys floated on top of the water.

Capture 1(3).PNG


Consolidating our numbers to ten with lots of different games. Please make sure you are having a go at these games at home too.


We have all been very excited over the last few weeks. Firstly, we received a letter from Harry to say that he had lost one of his dinosaurs. To help him we checked our CCTV cameras and spotted a dinosaur walking around the playground! We then made a wanted poster and had a great discussion about how we could trap the dinosaur.

Here are some of our ideas- some children added fruit into their trap to entice the dinosaur into the trap so we could return the dinosaur to Harry.

We all enjoyed reading Harry and his Bucketful of dinosaurs, we created a whole class story map.

We also looked at the book Major Glad, Major Dizzy. This was about two old toys who have been looked after by lots of different children. We investigated old and new toys from the museum loan box and read, Toys Then and Now.

After investigating old and new toys children then innovated the story. They changed the old toys that Harry found in the attic.

After this we thought about how Harry lost his toys on the train. We thought about when we read the Naughty Bus and we were learning about transport and so we also changed that part of the story.

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World Book Day

Miss Mackenzie enjoyed reading Zog by Julia Donaldson 

Miss Ahmad read Handa’s surprise by Eileen Brown 

Mrs Mehmood read Supertato by Paul Linnet  

Miss Doe read Oi Frog by Kez Gray  

Miss Williams read What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson 


To celebrate World Book Day children have created amazing stories in jars. Look carefully at the pictures. Can you guess the stories?

Capture 2(2).PNG

Children have enjoyed reading the book Pip and Posy. After reading the story children enjoyed going outside to retell the story using balloons and bubbles. We created a class story map using talk for writing actions. 

Capture 3(2).PNG

We had lots of fun innovating the story. Children used their knowledge from last half term to innovate the main character (Pip the rabbit). They used the book You Choose to discuss a different animal. We also changed the problem and solution to the story. Children tried hard to think about what their problem with the new toy could be. Look at our new innovations: 

Capture 4(2).PNG

Children have looked at different types of puppets such as spoon puppets, sock puppets, hand puppets and finger puppets. We looked at a non-fiction book about designing different puppets. Children then looked at different materials and resources and designed their own puppet. Children collected the materials needed for their puppet. We are excited to finish our creations and make puppet shows with our puppets.  


In Maths children have been recapping the numbers six, seven and eight. We have learnt to make draw and write the number. We looked at the part, part whole model and made the different parts of number six, seven and eight. We have played games with dominos. We have looked at making pairs. 


In Maths we have also been learning about numbers nine and ten. We have made the numbers using resources such as ten frames, objects and Numicon. Children enjoyed placing the Numicon on top of the ten pieces to explore the different number bonds to ten. 

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Children have learnt lots of facts about Chinese New Year. We looked at pictures and discussed how people celebrate New Year in China (we watched dragon dances, looked at pictures of people praying in the temple, cleaning their house and having yummy banquets). Everyone was excited to make their own Chinese banquet, first we looked at Chinese ingredients including beansprouts and pack choi and smelt the sweet and sour sauce, all children remembered we must wash our hands before we cook. All children had a go at independent chopping after we recapped knife safety and we talked about how to stay safe in the kitchen as the vegetables and noodles cooked. I introduced how to hold chopsticks, all children found this very tricky and decided they liked the knives, forks and spoons they use at school. Children listened to Chinese music whilst eating and asked to watch more videos of the dragon dance.

All children understood that children receive red envelopes on New Years Day and asked to make their own after looking at the examples Miss Mackenzie bought from the Chinese supermarket. Mrs Mehmood supported children to cut and glue their envelopes in the correct place. They all had lots of fun in the house area, Mrs Mehmood modelled role play in the house, they created a bed, sang twinkle twinkle little star and then made an alarm sound. When they woke up they found a red envelope under their pillow! They found their money, put on their new ‘celebration’ clothes and bought yummy ice cream as a treat. Children decorated the classroom using different props such as red lanterns. With Miss Fenn, children created a Chinese Rattle. They carefully threaded bells on either side of their rattle drum. They then decorated their rattle using colourful stickers and flowers. With Miss Doe all children had a go at forming Chinese numbers. First they practised writing with a special Chinese paintbrush, the children had a go at forming numbers 1 to 5 using black paint.  

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Children have been very busy over the Spring half term so far. They have learnt all about pets. Children enjoyed watching Miss Mackenzie’s video of her pet cats and then we discussed pets that children have which included fish, a parrot, hamsters, dogs and cats. Children read fiction (Some Pets) and non- fiction books (Pets, A Vet’s Day) to find out more and enjoyed learning about pets they hadn’t come across before such as a lizard. 

Children have been enjoying role playing in our Vet’s role play. Can you spot who the vet is? Who the patient is? Who the customer is? 

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Children have been exploring subtraction and have been using concrete apparatus, have been drawing this and have been learning how to say and write the subtraction calculation. 

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All children have begun with phase 3 phonics. They have been using their skills during adult focused time where children have written about pets and how you look after them. 

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In the Star class we have been enjoying learning about: the seasons; the nativity; Santa and how people celebrate Christmas. We have: read books; looked at maps; spoke about what transport we would use to travel to see Santa and why; written a letter to Santa; had special vistors who spoke to us about the 'nativity'; and we made Christmas cards for our families.   


The children in the Star Class have been playing lots of games which have been developing their fundamentals movements such as throwing, jumping and balancing.


Children created poppies whilst thinking about people who help us. We also observed a two minutes silence with the rest of the school to think about how people have helped us.


When reading the story Whatever Next we discussed why Baby Bear was scared and thought about a time when we have been scared. Some children said they feel scared when they hear the loud bangs of a firework. We discussed this and how we can not feel scared if we are all safe. During our discussion we thought about firefighters and watched a video about special rules we must follow.


During Art Week children looked at the fantastic patterns and sculptures Art Andy Goldsworthy created with natural materials. Children then went outside and experimented with repeating patterns and shapes to create their own artwork.


In Maths, we have focused on deepening children’s understanding of 2 step and 3 step patterns with repeating size or colours.


Children have been learning about the celebration of Diwali. Children learnt how children celebrate, eating special food, putting mehndi on, giving presents to friends and family. Children then created their own Rangoli patterns and Diva lamps.


In Literacy, children have been learning about books based around different transport, linking to people who help us. Our key texts this half term have been, Whatever Next, Naughty Bus, and a selection of non-fiction books about transport and people who help us such as doctors and police officers. Children enjoyed learning about the importance of going to a dentist and how they help us all keep our teeth healthy. We discussed the correct way to brush our teeth and had a go at doing this with toothbrushes and toothpaste.


When learning about the story Whatever Next, children used the book You choose to predict what kind of transport Baby Bear may turn his box into. After this, children then thought about where he may like to go and discussed different ways he could get there and which transport would be best.


After reading the story of the Naughty Bus children enjoyed participating in a whole class retell. Children also learnt other words for big and used this in their writing when describing the ‘massive/huge/enormous’ mess, the bus had made. After this, children worked in groups and innovated the story changing the transport from a bus to another vehicle. Children are trying hard to use their phase 2 phonics knowledge to write the sounds they can hear in words and many children now know lots of their phase 2 tricky words such as the, I to, no, go and into.

Children are trying hard to use their phase 2 phonics knowledge to write the sounds they can hear in words and many children now know lots of their phase 2 tricky words such as the, I to, no, go and into.

Children all enjoyed going on an Autumn walk. All children looked out for signs of autumn. We have read different Autumn books and have used substitution tables to talk about the four different seasons. Children have created some fantastic autumn scenes using a variety of techniques and tools.


In Maths children have been looking at numbers to five. Children have represented the numbers using a variety of resources. Many children are now confident with number bonds to five and have also learnt subtraction facts. Children have been developing key concepts such as equal and not equal.


Children have noticed that there have been Christmas decorations going up around Burnley and Brierfield. Children shared their experiences of what they saw. Some children explained they will be putting up some decorations in their house for Christmas which led to children discussing Father Christmas. Children then created a Santa’s workshop using junk modelling materials. Children will soon be learning about the Nativity story and participating in a filmed Nativity Performance with Year One.


The children in Star Class have all enjoyed their first half term at Reedley Primary School. We have focused on developing friendships, following our class promise and being confident to talk about needs, wants and interests. Lots of children were excited to tell their new teachers all about their family. We used their discussions to your child’s learning around their interests, so that learning is engaging and exciting. The staff in the Star Class work hard to create a learning environment that provides opportunities for exploration, challenge and achievement. Children have enjoyed using the dolls house to talk about the roles their family have and our role play area.  

In Literacy, children have been learning about books based around different homes. Our key texts this half term have been, The Three Little Pigs, Owl Babies and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Children have enjoyed participating in different activities such as retelling the stories with actions, props, hand puppets, spoon puppets and small worlds with figures.  

Capture 4.PNG

When learning about the three Little Pigs, they were challenged to design a house and then to create different houses using straws and playdough, lego, and lolly pop sticks. We then tested out each house and discussed which material was the strongest and why.  

Capture 5.PNG

Children loved retelling the story of the Owl Babies using the large book, props and masks. They drew fantastic scenes from the story and told their teachers what happened in the story.  

Capture 3.PNGAfter learning the story, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, children then looked at illustrations from the different You Choose books. Children then discussed how they could change the story. Children innovated their story and changed the animal they found.  

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In Maths, children have been looking at numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 in depth. Here is some of our amazing Maths learning: 

Capture 1.PNGCapture 7 (3)(1).JPG

Children explored our workshop area and made pictures of their family and then decorated using a variety of materials such as sequins, wool and shapes. 

Capture 7 (1).JPG

The teachers are incredibly proud of every child and we celebrate children's learning and behaviour daily. We discuss who we have noticed at the end of each day and award children with a certificate to take home. Please remember to check your child’s homework book each week to discover which sounds children have been learning about in phonics. We will also provide ideas to support learning linked to our topic and information about the learning we will be starting the following week. Please feel free to bring in pieces of work that your child has completed at home with their homework book on Tuesday - we love to share super learning in school and from home. 

Please feel free to speak to us at the start or the end of the day. We hope that all of the children enjoy their first year in school! 


Parent Information 


The Star Class have P.E. with Coach Wall every Friday morning.  Please make sure your child has their P.E kit on their peg. We recommend you take it home at the end of each half term to wash. Thank you! 

Please ensure your child brings their bookbag in each day so they can take home their learning and letters.  

Please note books, reading records and homework books are collected on Tuesday. New home learning is given out on Thursday. They will also have a library book which is something that you can enjoy sharing and reading it to your child, this will be changed each Friday as long as children bring their old book home.

Other Useful Information for Parents

We have found useful links with online resources which are useful to read. They can support you to prepare your child for school, helping them with home learning, develop crucial communication and language skills.

At Reedley we instill a love of reading. Please support us by reading regularly at home. Here are some easy ways you can make reading a part of every day:

  • Don’t worry about how long you read for. Every minute spent reading makes a bigger difference than you realise!
  • Don’t worry about what your kids are reading: recipes, cereal packets, magazines… It’s all useful! Keep books and other reading materials close by.
  • Reading to children of all ages is helpful. If your little one isn’t reading by themselves yet, read with them.
  • Ask lots of questions: Who, what, where, when and why and ask them to summarise when you’ve finished.

Tips on doing jobs or playing with your children – the TRUST approach. Here is a tool to help your child think and talk about the world around them. The TRUST approach can be used when you are talking with your child, such as when you are reading, doing jobs together or playing:

  • Take turns to talk about what you are going to do. Say things like: “I’m going to wear my red jumper today. What colour jumper would you like to wear”
  • Recap the plan as you are working. Say things like: “Why do you think that happened?”
  • Use lots of encouragement. Say things like: “What great ideas… Let’s see what happens!” Share what you know to help your child.
  • Say things like: “Have you learnt about…at school?”
  • Tune-in and be interested. Say things like: “I didn’t know you knew so much about…!”

Here are a few tips for how you can support maths learning every day:

  • Board games like Snakes and Ladders or other games with numbered spaces can be great for maths learning. You can even make your own!
  • Meals and snack times can be great to teach lots of concepts, like sharing, talking about time, counting how many carrots you have, estimating the number of beans or comparing sizes of potatoes.
  • Use maths words in conversation and play. This can include talking about size (“Which is bigger?”), order (“Which is first?”), shapes and more.
  • Stories can be great opportunities for maths learning. One great free resource for maths stories is https://www.mathsthroughstories.org/recommendations.html but you can use other books too!
  • Use manipulatives like bricks or toys of different sizes or amounts. Measuring items, scales, construction materials, puzzles, sorting and pattern materials are also great sources for discussion! Check out these other resources from the EEF for more helpful tips. Here are some easy steps to help you build a great home learning routine with your child.

Helpful tips for positive behaviour:

  • Point it out when your child is doing something right and say well done!
  • Talk with your child about each other’s learning struggles and coping strategies. Don’t be afraid to be open about getting it wrong and trying a different strategy.
  • No one knows your child as well as you. Speak to your child and trust your judgement about what works for them above any general advice.
  • Regular routines help support positive behaviour and learning.

Best wishes,

Mrs King

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