RJM - Happy Hippos 2019 - 2020

Miss Mackenzie

Welcome to The Happy Hippo Class!

Miss Mackenzie (Teacher and EYFS Leader)

Mrs Khan (TA)

Miss Fenn (TA)

 Coach Amy (P.E teacher on a Friday)


The children in The Happy Hippo Class have settled into school life at Reedley fantastically!


MONDAY- Reading books and records collected and parent comments are checked.

TUESDAY- New reading books are given out with new comments in records.

WEDNESDAY- Completed homework is collected.

THURSDAY- Snack money is collected £2 every half term.

FRIDAY- New homework is given out. Please bring your come and read with me book to swap (from 8:40-9am).

Owl Babies

We have been reading the story Owl Babies. We have been learning how to re tell a story by ordering pictures and acting out the story using props. We discussed how Bill felt when he thought his mummy had left him.


Wash Scrub Brush!

In Literacy we read the book Wash Scrub Brush! We carried out lots of practical activities such as, washing our hands, getting dressed by ourselves, washing babies and sequencing how to brush our teeth correctly. Children then created information books about how to keep healthy. We have noticed that many children struggled with getting changed. Please ensure you encourage your child to get dressed and undressed at home as this is an essential skill children must master when they are in Reception. Lots of children are given one to one support to get changed for P.E and it would help if you could show your children how to look after their clothes by putting them in a neat pile. We talked about the importance of keeping ourselves clean and healthy. We spoke about brushing our teeth, washing our hair and bodies. We also spoke about when and why we need to wash our hands. We used soap and made sure we rubbed it into our hand, nails, knuckles and cuticles to get rid of the germs that we cannot see. We then washed off the soap and dried our hands.




The teachers will base learning around the interests of the child, so that learning is fun and exciting. We have already learned lots about the children’s interest which include unicorns and superheroes! All staff work hard to create a challenging learning environment that provides opportunities for exploration and achievement.


We have been incredibly proud of every child! To celebrate this children move onto our silver star and then two golden superstars are chosen each day to take home a prize from our prize box.


In addition we focus on a Reedley Value each week. The values include: self-esteem, respect, responsibility, trust, kindness, curiosity, collaboration, Co-operation, resilience, perseverance, honesty, pride, self-respect, integrity, empathy, sharing, patience, caring, appreciation, positivity, confidence and friendship.


If your child receives a Value Bear certificate on Friday they will be able to take our bear home, take pictures with the bear and write in the bear’s diary. The Bear’s diary will be shared with the rest of the class. This week we have focused on being kind. We also had a vote on our favourite names for the bear; the winning name was Rainbow with eleven votes. We are excited to learn about Rainbow’s adventures.


We celebrate children's learning and behaviour daily and love to hear about learning at home. Please feel welcome to bring in any additional pieces of work that your child has completed at home - we would love to showcase their learning.


We hope that all of the children enjoy their first year in school!


Parent Reminders


 On Friday morning we have P.E. Please make sure your

child has a P.E kit in school. We encourage children to keep their P.E kits on their pegs with everything labelled.


Children will change their reading books on a Monday and children will be read with on Tuesday.


Please bring in your completed homework every Wednesday. New Homework will be given out on a Friday.


Please ensure to send reading bags into school every day as we may also have additional reading sessions when applicable.


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