Savage Scorpions 2018 - 2019

Mr Ellis

Welcome back to an exciting year in Year Six.

Year Six have made a good start to the year and have settled back quickly into the school routine. 6L have chosen an exciting class name; Savage Scorpions.

Class Teacher -  Mrs Lait.

Teaching Assistant  - Mrs Hanif.

This term our theme title is called 'Survival' and alongside the theme we are reading 'Gold of the Gods' by Bear Grylls.

Please keep coming back to our web page, as we will updating it on a regular basis.  In the meantime, take a look below at the topics we have been learning.


Hothersall Lodge

Linked to ourtheme of 'Survival', the Savage Scorpions had an amazing time at Hothersall Lodge earlier in the term and put their survival skills to the test!  Activities included: making shelters; lighting fires; toasting(and eating) marshmallows;  low ropes obstacle course; orienteering and group problem-solving tasks. 



Savage Scorpions are expected to read at least three times per week.  It is expected that the children will read to an adult, who can then ask questions about the book. Year Six will be required to complete a reading diary and this will contain different activities as well as a comprehension piece.



Homework will sent home every Wednesday and this will be brought back to school, completed on the following Tuesday.  Homework includes the following activities:

* My Maths activity

* Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar activity (e.g.

* Reading activity

* A short writing activity

* A discussion


P.E takes place every Friday afternoon. This term our focus has been invasion games.  The children have improved and developed their ability to throw using chest passes and shoulder passes and have also understood the importance of working as a team.

P.E kit reminder:

* Black pumps (no trainers).

* Black shorts ( girls are allowed to wear black leggings).

* Red T- shirt.

Please remember to bring your full PE kits on the first Monday Back (6th November).


Whilst learning about biographies we have studied the lives of several famous people from different walks of life including: Anne Frank, Martin Luther King, Usain Bolt,Tom Daley and Jacqueline Wilson.  We also learned about the famous scientists -  Charles Darwin, Mary Anning and Alfred Wallace which linked to our 'Evolution and Inheritance' science theme.  We learned about the importance of chronology in biographies. 

Through the book 'Gold of the Gods' by Bear Grylls we have explored descriptive narratives.  We looked at at the structure and language of descriptive narratives.  To help us to develop characters in our own descriptive narratives, we re-enacted different parts of 'Gold of the Gods'.



Over the half term the Savage Scorpions have learned about place value and applied that knowledge through developing the skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We have also looked at properties of both 2D and 3D shapes such as symmetry, whether a shape is regular or irregular; the number of faces, edges and vertices and the size of angles .

The Savage Scorpions also took part in a Maths day.  The Scorpions used their problem-solving and reasoning skills to solve problems in a variety of scenarios.  We learned the importance of reading the information given and picking out the key information.


This term we have been focusing on evolution and inheritance.  The Savage Scorpions have researched, and made notes about, the lives of important scientists linked to evolution and inheritance.  These notes were used to write our own biographies for either  Charles Darwin, Mary Anning or Alfred Wallace.  The Savage Scorpions learned about the evolution of animals and how only the fittest survive.  We looked at how birds have adapted their beak shape in order to eat specific foods and modelled this using chopsticks, spoons, pasta and tweezers to pick up rice, playdough and pipe cleaners!  The Savage Scorpions learned how different physical traits are passed on through plants and animals and linked this to their own family.


This term the Savage Scorpions have learned about the journey of a river.  We have learned how mountains are formed, how earthquakes occur, longitude and latitude and the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.


Through the topic'Survival', the Savage Scorpions have used observations of how animals camouflage themselves.  Using these observations we developed their drawings and paintings into digital art.  We have used a variety of media including coloured pencils and oil pastels.


Savage Scorpions have learned about Islam and considered the Key question: In what way is life a journey?  We considered duty and submission and the importance of the Five Pillars of Islam.


The Savage Scorpions have looked at relationships and valuing differences.


To start this year's learning, the Savage Scorpions have been learning about on line safety, an important element to the computing curriculum.  The Savage Scorpions have shown good understanding and are now ready to move on to the next stage of the curriculum.

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