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Y1JD - The Seahorse's 2020-2021

Welcome to Year 1's Seahorse's 


          Mrs Latif                    Mrs Tariq

Mrs Sange is the Class Teacher and Mrs Latif is the Teaching assistant for Seahorse class. Mrs Tariq covers PPA on a Thursday morning. 

Key Information for Year 1 

PE is on Wednesdays - Your child must bring a pair of pumps into school which they will keep in their own trays. Please ensure your child's hair is tied back and they remove or cover any earrings that day.

Bookbags need to be brought into school on Friday's as your child will change their books on this day. Your child will receive two phonics reading books which will allow them to reinforce their phonics learning from that week. Please make sure you have signed your child's reading journey when returning books to school on a Friday.

Homework will be uploaded to the homework tab at the top of this page each Thursday. It will be a range of practical, verbal or online tasks. 


Curriculum Map - You can find the Year 1 Curriculum Map in the downloads at the bottom of this page. 

Spring 2 


In Theme, we have been learning about ‘The Great Fire of London.’ We have been comparing the houses from 1666 to the houses now in 2021. We know that the houses were made out of wood and the way they were built made the fire spread quickly. 



Mrs King


Welcome to The Laughing Lions Class!

Mrs King (Teacher)

Mrs Mehmood (TA)

Miss Fenn (TA)

 Coach Amy (P.E teacher on a Friday)


The children in The Laughing Lions Class have settled into school life at Reedley fantastically!


MONDAY- Reading books and records collected and parent comments are checked.

TUESDAY- New reading books are given out with new comments in records.

WEDNESDAY- Completed homework is collected.

THURSDAY- Snack money is collected £2 every half term.

FRIDAY- New homework is given out. Please bring your come and read with me book to swap (from 8:40-9am).

Home Reading books

In order for us to complete a book audit, we have collected in all home reading books.  So that you can continue to read over the half term holidays please see the books that your child has been allocated on bug club.  



Teachers have noticed that some children are not accessing their assigned bug club books at home. It is essential parents work with us at school to support your children develop their confidence with their reading. Please speak to your class teacher if you cannot access the bug club books as we can demonstrate how to use it correctly.  


The last few Nativity tickets will be given out Friday afternoon/Monday morning.


In January we are running a very exciting opportunity for Reception children. They will be taught how to ride a bike by qualified instructors. First children will be assessed to see how well they can use a balance bike. If your child is confident they will then move onto learning how to use a bike with pedals. You must ensure you have signed the permission slip so your child can take part. We have spare copies at school.



Spring 2 


In Maths we have had lots of fun learning to create amounts on the tens frame quickly. Children were introduced to the small number frames. Children looked at a number and the children found the correct piece, then children ordered their number frames from one to ten in pairs. After this we focused on finding one more and then one less, children worked this out using their fingers and looked at jumping backwards one on the number line. We spoke about how our number gets smaller. Children looked at the number frame and looked at the next number frame piece, children then put it on top and we spoke about how we can see the extra one circle. Children also added the one piece next to their number. After this we looked at one less.

Making puppets

We enjoyed looking at different puppets we have at school. All children understand the difference between hand puppets and finger puppets. We decided to make hand puppets. Firstly children created a design sheet and we discussed the different material they’d need e.g. a felt body, wool for the hair etc. After children had written their list they sewed their puppet together and decorated it with the different materials.  

Spring 1 

Giraffes can't dance

In Literacy this week children have enjoyed learning about the story Giraffes’ Can’t Dance. We acted out the story using voices and actions. We also researched different jungle animals which we wanted to know more about. Next week we will be changing the main character in the story. Can you support your child to look back at their homework and discuss which jungle animal they’d like to choose as their main character?



In Maths children have been learning all about doubling. To begin with, we watched the episode, ‘double trouble’ where the Numberblocks go on an adventure around a temple and they have to double up to complete missions such as moving a boulder. Children all practised making doubles with our Maths equipment. Children have now experienced doubling and halving by observing how the Numberblocks 1, 2 and 4 double up to make their respective doubles, 2, 4 and 8. Children also discussed combining and partitioning into equal groups e.g. 2 ones combine to make two, and two partitions into 2 ones.


Chinese New Year

Children learned about how others celebrate Chinese New Year. As a class we discussed how their celebrations are the same ‘they wear special clothes I do that for my birthday and Eid’. We also discussed how their celebrations are different to celebrations children have experienced e.g. ‘they have people dancing with dragons’.




In Literacy children firstly looked at the book ‘Pets’. We learned it is a non-fiction book because it is not a story. We discussed why we have a contents page and a glossary.

Children worked in groups to research pets they didn’t know a lot about such as a chipmunk and a lizard. After this children wrote a fact about their favourite pet using their phonics knowledge. This week we moved onto learning about farm animals through looking at the fiction book, ‘Six Little Chicks’. We used talk for writing actions for the beginning of the book. We stopped and asked children what do they think will happen next?


We made shelters for our farm animals whilst choosing outside.



In Maths we have been exploring the number 8, 9 and 10. All children made the parts of each number using our different mathematical equipment. Childern have also been making amounts with their fingers. All children have been shown how to quickly find numbers on their hands. Children are learning they have five fingers on one hand, so if they were to show 8 they’d need to show one hand and three more instead of counting each finger separately.


Look who came to visit us!

In Literacy this week children have really enjoyed having first hand experiences speaking to people who help us. We then had a visit from Dr Islam. He kindly took time out of his busy schedule to discuss his job and even brought equipment in his bag to show everyone, leaflets about the flu and stickers for our doctors role play area. Children have been reading books about doctors and others who help them such as cleaners, receptionists nurses pharmacists etc.

We also had a visit from three PCSOs from our local area. They spend all afternoon with us discussing their job, showing us their equipment and even their police car. All children discussed the importance of everyone wearing a seatbelt. We were all surprised at the siren, it was very loud and we discussed why these sirens need to be loud. Children also had the opportunity to sit inside the police car and they pressed a button to turn the flashing blue lights on! After this we printed lots of pictures from the visit and children tried hard to use new vocabulary in a sentence to write about their new learning.




Maths-Sorting into groups

In Maths children have been learning all about sorting into groups. Children enjoyed sorting themselves into groups such as colourful socks and black socks, jumper and no jumper. Children then looked around the classroom and chose what they would like to sort and discuss how they had sorted them. We then compared the two groups and discussed which group had fewer/more/the same and we introduced the word equal for this. Children represented their amounts with mathematical equipment.




This week children have been thinking about how they can use their phonics to write about their innovated Naughty Bus story. Children loved making up their own sentences about the pictures they took.


Maths- Making number 7 

In Maths children have been learning all about the number 7. Can you tell your adults the parts of 7? 





In P.E. we have been learning all about dance. To improve our dance skills we have been learning to move to a beat. This has really helped us to learn our Nativity songs and dances.


In Maths this week we have been learning about time. Children sequenced pictures from their daily routine. Teachers discussed what they children do before and after activities. Children understood they have to wash their hands before lunch and after having breakfast they brush their teeth. Children also recorded what they could do in 30 seconds and 60 seconds. Some examples include- how many beanbags could they throw into a hoop? How many times could they write their name? How many star jumps could children do? Children looked at large numbers on our 100 square and learned that the number 60 is greater than 30 and so they could do more in 60 seconds and less in 30 seconds.



In Literacy this week children enjoyed changing the main character of our current class story The Naughty Bus. Children chose different transport and took pictures of their transport just like the pictures from the book. We have orally retold the new story using talk for writing actions. We are looking forward to using our phonics next week to write all about our story with our new character.








Literacy-Naughty Bus

At the beginning of the week children found a small present. We read the clue ‘….’. Children then made predictions and drew these. All children have been working on writing a simple sentence e.g. ‘it is a toy motorbike.’

After this, we read the rest of the story ‘The Naughty Bus’ where we found out the bus had lots of fun exploring.

After this children worked in groups to take the bus all over the school. They used the iPad to take pictures of the adventures of the bus. Children created a large map on the floor. We are looking forward to writing our very own story about the adventures our Naughty  Bus has been on.







In Maths we have been learning about the number 6. Children thought about how they could make the parts of 6 with Maths equipment. Some children were able to record their number calculations. We have been playing different games to develop our subitising skills (looking at a pattern e.g. an amount of cubes and recognising how many there are without touching them to count them).




Nocturnal Animals

Children had lots of fun learning about different nocturnal animals. We have lots of brave children who handled a corn snake, a giant millipede, a rat, a tarantula and a giant cockroach. We have all enjoyed pretending to be the different animals and learning about what they eat and where they live. We enjoyed looking back at the pictures and writing a caption to match the picture.  




This week in Maths children have been learning about addition within five. We also played the bucket game where children had to listen to how many rocks they could hear me drop into the bucket. Then I challenged children to think about how many would be in my bucket if I took 1 or added one/two or three. After children made their predictions they checked by counting out the initial amount onto their fives frame then taking or adding one. Children answered: How many objects can you feel in the bag? How many pebbles did I put in? If I add one more how many will there be? If I take one out how many will there be? How many are in the bag/bucket now? How do you know? How can we check? Children also played a mystery bag game where children were encouraged to estimate how many there are in the bag by feeling the counters without looking. We emptied the bag and placed the counters onto a five frame and discussed the number e.g. I know we had four in the bag because there is one space. After this I put amounts in the bag and added or took away 1/2/ or 3. Children made predictions about how many were left in my bag. They used their fives frame to add or take the amount and also used their fingers.

We also the children were beginning to find one more and one less. We followed the model I do, we do, you do learning strategy. I modelled it and then the children repeated what I had done. Children were given support to answer questions such as, how many buns were there altogether? How many frogs/pennies/buns do we have now? I highlighted that there was one less bun each time, but one more penny. The children enjoyed the activity and are becoming confident with the concept.


Story innovations 

In Literacy we created our own story innovations for our focus book, ‘Whatever Next!’ Children loved discussing their innovations with their friends. Children used what they learned last week about transport and settings to create their new story. Many children are using their phonics knowledge to write initial sounds and even some middle and end sounds- well done!  


Bonfire Night 

Children have also used different media and materials to create their own bonfire and firework pictures. We spoke about how to stay safe when using sparklers, watching fireworks and being near a bonfire.

Whatever Next! 

In Literacy we have been learning about the story Whatever Next! We loved reading up to the point where Baby Bear doesn’t want to have a bath, he wants to travel somewhere in his box. All week we will be looking at different types of transport and predicting where Baby Bear might travel to. Children have had lots of fun using toy vehicles in the small world areas, construction areas, sand areas and water areas. We have created a vocabulary display (a large tree painted in the sensory room and in the corridor). Please look out for the new vocabulary we have been learning. Can your child use these words at home with you?





In Maths we have revised what we did in our first half term. We then used the 'part + part = whole' mats to work out the different parts of numbers to 5. We remembered to make the number, draw the objects, write the numbers and some of us wrote the number sentences. We loved singing our song from Numberblocks to help us know and explain the parts of a number e.g. "2 is a part of me and 2 is a part of me and the whole of me is 4".



Outdoor Learning

We love learning outdoors!


Owl Babies

We have been reading the story Owl Babies. We have been learning how to re tell a story by ordering pictures and acting out the story using props. We discussed how Bill felt when he thought his mummy had left him.



Wash Scrub Brush!

In Literacy we read the book Wash Scrub Brush! We carried out lots of practical activities such as, washing our hands, getting dressed by ourselves, washing babies and sequencing how to brush our teeth correctly. Children then created information books about how to keep healthy. We have noticed that many children struggled with getting changed. Please ensure you encourage your child to get dressed and undressed at home as this is an essential skill children must master when they are in Reception. Lots of children are given one to one support to get changed for P.E and it would help if you could show your children how to look after their clothes by putting them in a neat pile. We talked about the importance of keeping ourselves clean and healthy. We spoke about brushing our teeth, washing our hair and bodies. We also spoke about when and why we need to wash our hands. We used soap and made sure we rubbed it into our hand, nails, knuckles and cuticles to get rid of the germs that we cannot see. We then washed off the soap and dried our hands.





Library Bus

We had an opportunity to select a range of books for our classroom. 


The teachers will base learning around the interests of the child, so that learning is fun and exciting. We have already learned lots about the children’s interest which include unicorns and superheroes! All staff work hard to create a challenging learning environment that provides opportunities for exploration and achievement.


We have been incredibly proud of every child! To celebrate this children move onto our silver star and then two golden superstars are chosen each day to take home a prize from our prize box.


In addition we focus on a Reedley Value each week. The values include: self-esteem, respect, responsibility, trust, kindness, curiosity, collaboration, Co-operation, resilience, perseverance, honesty, pride, self-respect, integrity, empathy, sharing, patience, caring, appreciation, positivity, confidence and friendship.


If your child receives a Value Bear certificate on Friday they will be able to take our bear home, take pictures with the bear and write in the bear’s diary. The Bear’s diary will be shared with the rest of the class. This week we have focused on being kind. We also had a vote on our favourite names for the bear; the winning name was Rainbow with eleven votes. We are excited to learn about Snowflake's adventures.


We celebrate children's learning and behaviour daily and love to hear about learning at home. Please feel welcome to bring in any additional pieces of work that your child has completed at home - we would love to showcase their learning.


We hope that all of the children enjoy their first year in school!

Magic Maths 


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