Y2JC Stingrays 2022 - 2023

Mrs Collins

Welcome to Year 2

We are the Stingray Class!

Class Teacher: Mrs Collins  

Teaching Assistant : Mrs Latif 

P.E-  P.E day is Wednesday- Please ensure your child has their P.E pumps in school and if they have earrings they can't remove please ensure they are covered with plasters or tape.

Reading books- Children should only bring their book bags to school on Mondays and Thursdays as these will be the days they get changed. The children will receive two reading books but will only bring one home at a time to allow us to make the books safe. One will match the phonic phase they are working at and one they choose to read from a book banded book at their current reading level. Please ensure you sign their reading diary so we know they have read at home and are ready to change their book.

Homework- Homework is put here on Thursday. Please use the tab marked Homework at the top of this page. This needs to be completed by the following Monday so we can check it has been completed. 

Reading For Pleasure- The reading For Pleasure bookmarks are located under the 'What We Are Learning' tab at the top of the home page.

Thank you.


Year 1 2019-2020

Autumn 2 

We have had a special visit in Year One from Fred the skeleton this week, which has led us into our new topic ‘Brilliant Bodies’. This is a Science and Design Technology based topic.  

We will be learning the names for different parts of our body and learning about the five senses, sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. We will also be designing and making a moving skeleton.

Our English will be based around the story ‘Funnybones’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. We are going to explore the story and this will then lead up to us writing our own skeleton story and some senses poetry.

Mrs Ellis and Miss Cowell are also working with Coach Amy this term to include our topic into our P.E starting with dance based around the story Funnybones.

Autumn 1

Our topic this half term is: Family album in which we will be learning about The United Kingdom, The Royal Family and changes within living memory. 

P.E-  P.E day is Wednesday- Please ensure your child has a full kit in school and if they have earrings they can't remove please ensure they are covered with plasters or tape.

Reading books- Children should have their books in school everyday as there are opporunities throughout the week for them to read the books. The children will recieve two reading books. One chosen for them and one they choose to read for pleasure. Sometimes the children may bring the same book home but to re-read books for enjoyment is a Year 1 objective so we do allow them to do this. The books are changed on a Wednesday so please ensure you have signed the diary.

Homework- Homework is given out every Thursday and collected on the following Tuesday. Children put their homework in the homework box once completed.



Butterfly Class - Miss Mackenzie, Miss Ashraf, Miss Ashworth and Miss Fenn

Ladybird Class - Mrs King,Mrs Mehmood,Miss Ashworth and Miss Fenn

Birthday Bags.

Please do not put lollipops inside any birthday bags as it is a school policy.

Come and Read Books

Please bring your picture books back to school as we are now collecting them in for the summer break. 

 Our Learning.

In Literacy the children have been reading poems from the book, 'Commotion in the Ocean'. The children then solved some sea creature riddles. They discussed what their favourite sea creature was and reasearched interesting facts about them. With this knowledge the children have planned their own riddles and will finish them next week.



All teachers have been very proud of both classes this week during the fun run, the children had a sponser form to raise money for the amount of laps they completed.

 P.E. We had lots of fun with Coach Amy in our last P.E. lesson of the year. Children developed their balance using balloons trying to keep it off the floor. After this, children used one part of their body to keep their balloon up in the air. After this children took part in races where they had to move their balloon from one side of the hall to the other. The children also enjoyed a game of crazy colours. The children also enjoyed balancing all the equipment on the teachers and the team who completed it the quickest won, the children then had a competition on who could take all the equipment off the quickest.




Can you help?

It is important that children have access to the outdoor area in all weathers. Children have been enjoying playing in our new "nature kitchen" in the yeard area and have been developing their communication skills through role playing. We provide all children with waterproofs, however, we have found that some do not fit over your child's coats and some cannot fit over their wellies. Therefore if possible could your child bring their own waterproof clothing?

Our class pets.

Children have shown lots of interest in mini beasts. We have been digging up our old flowers ready to plant some vegetables. The children were amazed to find 4 caterpillars. We handled them so carefully and put them and some worms in our bug hotel. We wrote letters to Mrs Bell to ask her if we could possibly get a class pet. Mrs Bell enjoyed reading our letters and she said yes! We researched how to look after snails. We got a special package. We excitedly opened it up and it was a snail tub with a snail inside. Over the weekend Miss Mackenzie visited Lydia and brought home another snail. We all choose a name for the snails and then had a class vote to decide on the final names. The butterfly class named their snail Rocket and the ladybird class named their snail Rainbow. A few days later we discovered a new baby snail and we cannot wait for it to get as big as Rocket and Rainbow.


Parent Reminders

Monday - Reaading records will be collected by teachers in the morning.

Wednesday - Homework books will be collected by teachers in the morning. We also have our VIP visits on Wednesday morning from 9am till 10am where parents can come and see their child doing phonics. 

Please ensure children bring their reading book bags into school every day. 

Homework will be set on a Friday, and it would be it is important that you support your child with this as it will be collected on Wednesday.

P.E takes place every Friday Morning. Please ensure children have their P.E kits in school.

P.E kit reminder:

* Black pumps (no trainers).

* Black shorts ( girls are allowed to wear black leggings).

* Red T- shirt.

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