Y6SP - Nightingales 2020 - 2021

Miss Pool



Welcome to class 6P



We are now in Year 6-our final year at Reedley!

Our class teacher: Miss Pool

Our teaching assisant: Mrs Phillips

Our PPA teacher: Mrs Tariq






Our Class Expectations


This will need to be completed electronically for the time being due to our school's COVID safety procedures. Miss Barnes will set homework on a THURSDAY and will need to be completed by the following TUESDAY.


Miss Pool will always take the time to quickly go through the homework to make sure the children understand what is being asked of them and will focus on the class learning for that current week. 

The homework will consist of Bug Club, My Maths and Reading for Pleasure bookmarks at this time. 





Reading For Pleasure!

This is something that is strongly emphasized throughout school. Each child will recieve a bookmark with tasks to be completed each week. Children will not have their homework books to take home at the moment, they will need to complete these tasks on paper. It has been decided that a child can complete upto a maximum of three tasks per week. The bookmarks are based on animals this year and will go through the alphabet. 




The children only require their school pumps at this moment in time. NO PE KITS!

Caoch Amy is back with us so she will be working along side Miss Pool to ensure the children are keeping active.



Book Bags/Reading Books


For the time being each class will have an allocated day to bring their book bags into school. Our class can bring their book bags in on a TUESDAY. 

Reading books are being given to the children but are not being taken home until we are told otherwise. These procedures are in place to try to maintain the safety of all our children and their families. 






















Year 5

A warm welcome to Class 5H with Mrs Hardman (teacher) and Miss Brown (teaching assistant)

We hope that you have all had a great half term and are refreshed for school. We are very excited about all the fun and interesting learning we have lined up for Year 5.


Quick reminder: PE is on a Thursday and full PE kits must be kept in school 
                                       Homework is set on a Thursday to be returned the following Tuesday


It is important that every child reads aloud to someone older at least three times a week for 10-15 minutes per read. After this, every child MUST have their reading record signed by an adult. Also, please could you ensure all children are practising their times tables up to 12.

We believe this half term is going to be the best half term yet. We have a lot of fun and exciting learning to do and we hope that all of our class have had a well-earnt rest and are ready to come back to give 100% in everything they do. 

Summer term

Thank you to all parents and family members, who attended Natterjack Toads art week.

The day we became a Greek soldier!





Year 5 have had a very busy start to spring 2!




We began with an amazing trip to Jodrell Bank discovery centre where we found out lots about space and the solar system. Children and staff had a fantastic day, we have incorporated lots of what we learnt into our work in class. If you ask your children they will be able to tell you lots of interesting new facts.



We also took part in friendship day where some of our year 5s went to spend the day at Padiham Green Primary school and Whittlefield Primary School. We also had children spend the day at our school.

Our children really impressed us with their willingness to engage with new children, confidently and in a friendly manner. We had lots of fun creating our communities and sharing our stories.


Mary Poppins (Mrs Hardman) and Cruella De Ville (Miss Brown) was greeted on World Book Day by lots of imaginative, fun characters. We spent the morning visiting Miss Child, Miss Barnes and Mr Proudman's classrooms where we got creative with reading. Children started by writing their own spells using Latin and found out who their spirit animals were (I am sure they would love to tell you).

We then looked at the book 'Wonder' with Miss Barnes and came up with our own life lessons to live by. We was impressed with them all, we had lessons such as 'If you can't find the kindness, Be the kindness.' We also looked at how stories were told before we had Kindles and movies! Children worked together to create their own ending to 'The Jungle Book'



Over the christmas holiday class 5H was set the task to create an Ariana Grande project. We are very impressed with the outcome due to the effort children have put into making the project in their own time. Children have been presenting their projects to the class and explaining how they have been created. Below are just some of the examples of the projects! Love them year 5!



This term we have revisited place value and converting g to kg. Children used apparatus to help them.



In science we made soap and explored the reversible change from solid to liquid, back to solid. Children are able to bring soap home to show you but can not use as it contains food colouring. THIS SOAP IS FOR DECORATIVE PURPOSES ONLY.

Mr Neild from the Royal British Legion in Burnly, made a special visit to our school to tell the story about the poppy appeal and how the poppies are made. He also explained to the children how the money raised helps the ex-servicemen and women and their families. He also told Team Reedley stories from World War One and showed us a variety of artefacts. 


Year 5 have had a wonderful opportunity to visit Queen Street Mill to learn about weaving. They watched weaving take place and listened to different stories of how the weaving has evolved over many years.




This term we are learning how to do the formal method of multiplication.


We have looked at World War poetry and used the influences of  'The Fallen' written by the poet  Laurence Binyon  to write our own.

Natter Jack Toads are reading a fabulous book called Carrie's War, written by Nina Bawden. Carrie's War is set in World War II and follows the story of Carrie and her brother Nick, who have been evacuated to Wales. Year 5 will be using this wonderful book to influence their writing.


This term we are learning about Materials - reversible changes.

Natterjack Toads have learnt about how some solids can turn in to liquids and what happens to oil when it is added to water.



Natterjack Toads have experimenting with movement, to creat a dance sequence. They have worked independantly and with in a group to perform for their peers.

This is our fabulous class dressed in pink for our 'Breast Cancer Awareness' charity day.

Our class alone raised £45 in just once day.  Thank you for your donations! 



This half term in Maths, we are looking at place value with a focus on addition and subtraction. We have built Anglo Saxon houses within our History topic which we have used to measure area and perimeter in Maths. Below are some images of what we have been up to. 



In English, we are looking at persuasion. We have focused on famous landmarks in the United Kingdom such as Stormont and the Houses of Parliament. This will seamlessly link into our Geography. Within this topic we have used Talk for Write to immitate the language used within famous persuasive adverts.


Our theme in class is 'A United Kingdom' and as part of our theme will be learning about lots of wonderful things such as Legends from the UK e.g. Robin Hood.


In History, we are learning about the history of the great Anglo Saxons. Here are some examples of the Anglo Saxon village we have created.

Please see examples of our Anglo Saxon work where we have created a chronological timeline of the Anglo Saxons. 


Natterjack Toads are looking at the works of Andy Warhol.

The first task was to draw a self portrait . Do you recognise anyone?

Our wonderful parents joined us to work with the Natter Jack Toads. Thank you for coming.




On Monday 15th October 2018, we had a super visit from Jim MacCool. He was highly entertaining with musically themed poetry.


This half term we have been learning about invasion games. The children have been using chest pass skills as well as learning to defend.


This term we have been reading 'Outlaw' by Michael Moorpurgo. Natterjack Toads have used the influences of Robin Hood to write their own version.

We have been reading lots of different persuasive texts and using our knowledge to persuade an audience to visit The Houses of Parliament and Stormont. 

We have used 'Talk for Write' within our persuasion topic in English. Children have enjoyed making their own actions to their stories. We have desplayed what we have created in our books.


In science we have been looking at different materials. We looked at which materials are the best insulators when keeping water warm. This is what we found out:









































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