09.03.21 Revised procedures drop off children, message to drivers, messages to school staff


Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Dear Parents/Carers


Dropping Children Off

We asked you to drop your children at the school gate, to minimize the number of people in the school playground. However, this has caused parents/carers to congregate at the school gate, which is also now a concern. We are now reversing the decision, and from Wednesday 10th March we will allow parents/carers to come into the school playground to drop off children in Year 1 and Year 2.

This is to be one parent/carer rather for each child or family and we request that adults entering the playground wear a face covering.


We are also allowing you to have an extended drop off time to bring your children to school each morning. The gates will be open from 8.40 to 8.55am each morning.  The majority of our children have been arriving at 8.40am, which causes crowds to gather. Please make full use of the 15 minutes that you have to drop your children off and wait until later in this slot, if you are able to do so. Traffic is also much lighter between 8.45 and 8.50 for those people who choose to arrive towards the end of the drop off slot.


Thank you for queuing so patiently outside the school gates. You will have noticed that we are controlling the number of children entering the school gates so we alternate which queue can enter at any time. We will continue to do this, so please be patient with us if you are asked to wait for a little while before you can enter.


Reception Children

Reception children are to be dropped off between 8.40 and 8.55. If parents/carers arrive before 8.40am, please queue on the footprint path and not in front of the blue gate.



If you need to pass a message on, rather than doing this in person at the school gate, please could you call the school office and give messages over the phone.


Car parking

Car parking has been chaotic over the last two days. Unless you have a blue disability badge, you are not permitted to park on the yellow lines during drop off and pick up. We ask all drivers to be mindful of the other road users, of pedestrians and of local neighbours to the school.

I suggest that you arrive slightly earlier and park on roads near to the school and walk the last few minutes as there are not enough parking spaces on or around Reedley Road.

The entrance to Reedfield is often used as a turning circle by drivers and this can pose a danger to pedestrians crossing this street, some of which are children walking unaccompanied. We also ask that all adults are polite and courteous to all school staff, some of whom have experienced negative comments from drivers who have been unable to find a parking place. We will continue to address the issue with drivers who break the law, as we feel it is our duty to do so, in order to keep all of your children safe.


Thank you for your support

Mrs Sarah Bell


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