Art Week Year 2


Art Week 25th February - 1st March.

The artist we have been looking at in Art Week this half term is Barbra Hepworth. Barbra Hepworth was an English artist and sculpture. Her work exemplifies modernism in particular modern sculpture.

We spent some time looking at a discussing some of Barbra Hepworth’s most famous pieces in particular the sculpture the ‘Family of Man’. We went on a virtual tour of what was once her home and is now a museum dedicated to her work.  We looked at some of the main characteristics of her pieces and used these when we were planning our own.

We made our own sculptures in stages. First we started by learning how to create a sphere out of clay by rolling it in our hands, before moving onto creating a cube by pinching the sphere with our fingers. We then learnt how to put hole and indentations into the clay using tools. Lastly we learnt how to fix the pieces of the sculpture together using the scratch and wet technique.

Some parents joined us on our skills afternoon.  It was lovely to have you in and the children really enjoyed you being part of it.

The children really enjoyed creating their own sculptures and couldn’t wait to take them home.