Final letter - 20th March





Friday 20th March


Dear Parents/Carers,


We would like to remind you that under Government guidance, school closes from next week for the vast majority of pupils in order to help to stem the spread of Covid-15 (Coronavirus).   This was decided at extremely short notice and we appreciate your patience whilst we prepared home learning activities for your children. These can be found on the ‘Home Learning’ section of the website, which has been split into key stages.  The online work completed will be checked by teachers and updated regularly.


Staff in school have been amazing and we have worked hard to support your children during such a worrying time.  They are saddened that they are not able to work with your children, for the foreseeable future, to help them to learn and to grow. In light of this, your child’s class teacher will be carrying out a wellbeing phone call once a week.  Please ensure you have given Mrs Iqbal your correct contact details.


Although working from home can be a challenge, I know that you will look at this as an opportunity to work with your child and support them with their learning. I have included a ‘Home Learning’ timetable on our website that includes activities such as baking, completing chores, gardening and online PE sessions.  I know that your children will enjoy spending time with you.


The government have asked us to provide families with a lunch if they are eligible for free school lunches, based on their benefits. We have had very little information on this but Lancashire Catering Service have said that they may be able to provide a weekly food parcel for families, which would need to be collected from school.  They are going to provide us with additional information on this on Monday and we will contact all eligible parents at that time with further information. If you are self-isolating, please ensure that send someone else to collect the food so that you do not come in to contact with school staff. 


I know that you will support us and understand why we have taken this action given the current circumstances relating to the Covid-19 virus. The aim is to minimise the spread of the disease and keep people safe whilst allowing our key workers to do their job for the community. For these children identified, we are anticipating that we will be running provision on our school site, including, wherever possible, over the Easter Holidays (for children of key workers). Where this is not possible, eligible parents will be contacted. This provision will not be the usual timetable or the National Curriculum; however, we will endeavour to ensure your children are safe and cared for during this period.


Thank you so much for your support in these difficult times.  I hope that you all continue to keep yourself and your families safe.

Mrs K. Gorrell

Acting Headteacher