Additional home learning ideas

Our lastest additional home learning theme is homes.  We have many fun ideas for you to have a go at, from designing your own home to exploring the habitat of wild animas!  Below are a range of activities and resources for to you complete. 


Do you remember when we were learning about toys? We enjoyed playing with new and old toys, looking at what was similar and different. We had lots of fun playing in our toy shop. Here are some ideas of home learning linked to our toy topic. Please scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the files at the bottom, toy activity 1, activity 2 etc.  We hope you have lots of fun!


Lancashire Portal - Lancashire Home Learning Channel on Youtube

Video 1:

Video 2:

Lancashire Professional Development Service has made videos that can be shared with the whole family. These videos offer short and simple tips, games and activities to keep children engaged with home learning. A new video will be uploaded at 9.30am each Monday.

Files to Download