Additional Home Learning Resources

Here are some resources, which can be used in addition to the home learning set by school, to support your child whilst learning remotely or to provide a little bit of extra practise with some skills. We will continue to add to this page as more resources are found or made freely available over lockdown.

BBC Bitesize: Lockdown Learning

The BBC are airing educational programes each day to support children with their home learning. These programmes will be aired on the TV on the CBBC channel at the times shown below. They will also be available on iPlayer to watch any time.


English and Phonics

  • If your child is finding the phonics work on the home learning page too difficult, here are some Phonics lessons to work through instead.  Start at Lesson 1 and work your way through (the playlist starts with the latest lesson, not the first).
  • PhonicsPlay have provided a free account for parents to access throughout the lockdown. There is a variety of child friendly games to support children with differing needs, from the very basics of learning to read up to learning more advanced sounds and spelling rules (Year 2 'level'). The free account details are: Username: jan21 and the password is: home
  • Books For Topics have a bank of videos of authors reading their own stories. These books are suitable for ages 3-11. Simply find a book and use the QR code to access the video.
  • Handwriting - I've attached, in downloads at the bottom of the page, a handwriting booklet which uses the handwriting patterns we follow in school. If you wish to have more practise, or feel that following the Purple Mash video is too tricky, please use this resource as other resources on the internet do not follow the same handwriting formations.



  • Numberblocks on BBC iPlayer has lots of episodes which cover both Reception and Year 1 Maths curriculum objectives. Early episodes are for basic number understanding but as the episodes progress, more complex ideas are introduced and support the teaching of Maths.
  • The Maths Factor is a online teaching and learning programme for teaching Maths for age 4-11, set up by Carol Vorderman. The programme teaches Maths through online video lessons, practise and games. Children receive certificates for completing lessons an parents can receive progress report, if they wish.  Parents can create their own log ins and access 21 free days then the price becomes £4.99 a month. During the previous lockdown, accounts were made free for the whole lockdown, so may change again.