Creative Topic

Autumn 2

Sparks Might Fly has been our topic this half term.

The children have learnt about electrical circuits and the components needed in order to make a light bulb light up. They have then created their own houses and incorporated the bulb as a light inside their homes, take a look at our pictures:

We are starting to look at Ancient Egypt and the River Nile.

Autumn 1

Horrendous Hydras have been investigating and comparing a scene in Britain from 1750 to the same scene in 1900. They have been spotting the changes that happened as a result of the Industrial Revolution such as industry, roads, medicine, houses and transport. We have investigated whether these changes are good or bad changes.

We have also been looking at the counties of England:


Autumnn 1- Theres no place like home...                                                                       


                         Image result for pendle hill  

      Image result for pendle witches  Image result for Pendle

We have been describing where we live, the history of Pendle and the many interesting stories of the Pendle witches. 

We have also been looking at the world, starting with locating continents, countries, cities and then towns. It has been interesting looking at maps and locating where we live. With the help of maps we have located Reedley Primary School and put together a route from home to school using Digi maps..

Year 3s have also investigated similarities and differences between time periods. 


Image result for tudors  Image result for poor dress code in 1600s

We have looked into the dress code of the rich and poor from the Tudor times. We discovered that rich people wore expensive velvet/ silk clothes from foreign countries. On the other hand, poor people couldn't afford to buy clothes, therefore they would make clothes themselves using animal skin. This is very different to how we dress or buy clothes now. Year 3s mentioned they are able to buy clothes from shops or online too! 














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