Autumn Term 2

100th Anniversary of Remembrance Day WW1

We have been learning about the people affected by WW1, the history behind the events and also the roles of men and women in the time of the war. We have been comparing life then to life now and looking at the differences and the similarities. 



Autumn Term 1

Navigating Using Compass Points

Our Lightning Leopards have been learning the compass points and how to use these on a map. They have been navigating from one place to another using the compass points to describe the direction they followed.



Our Theme topic at the moment is Electricity.

We have been learning about making simple circuits using our scientific vocabulary and symbols as well as creating our own circuits with wires, cells, motors and bulbs. We have learnt all about Conductors and Insulators and the various different forms of providing electricity to power mains and battery appliances around school and the home.

Here are some pictures of our Leopards creating their circuits:

Our children have used empty cereal boxes for the next exciting steps with our topic - we are making our own clowns with light up noses and spinning ties! Here is our progress so far: