Summer Term 1

Diary Entries

Lightning Leopards have been learning about the features of a Diary. They have studied Diary entry examples and planned and written their own including the key features such as the date, using past tense, including feelings and emotions and writing in the first person.


Spring Term 2

Stories and Non-chronological reports

We have studied Gullivers Travels to help us investigate the features of a story, we have looked at the characters, different types of story, retelling stories and writing our own stories.

We also looked at Non-chronological reports and it's features.


Spring Term 1

The Balaclava Boys

We are studying The Balaclava Boys at the moment and we have created our own Conscience Alley and Freeze Frames of scenes from the book.

Autumn Term 2

MacCavity The Mystery Cat - Talk For Writing

The class have had great fun using Talk for Writing to learn a poem called MacCavity The Mystery Cat.

With each of the lines of the poem the class create and learn actions to help them to remember the song as well as punctuation. 


Traditional Tales and WW1 Remembrance Day

We are looking at traditional tales this half term, we have investigated what makes a traditional tale, looked at the features, the characters and the setting.

We have also been imagining what it would be like to be in WW1 and writing our own letters as a soldier to their family back home.

Autumn Term 1

The Firework Makers Daughter

We have been reading the Firework Makers Daughter and talking about what makes a fantasy story. We have been writing our own fantasy stories too!

We are also looking at planning an explanation text and what is included.