Home learning - Week commencing 06.07.21


Day 1:

K.L: To convert metric units.

Before completing the task, watch this video about converting metric units.

Sum5.10.5 - Metric units on Vimeo

Now download the work below. Remember to refer back to the video to help you.


Day 2:

K.L: Understand and use approximate equivalences between metric and common imperial units such as pints.

Before completing this task, watch this video about converting imperial units and metric units.

Sum5.11.2 - Imperial units on Vimeo

Now download the work below. Remember to refer back to the video to help you.


Day 3:

K.L: Use all 4 operations to solve problems.

First watch this video about answering multi-step addition and subtraction questions.

Aut5.5.4 - Multi-step addition and subtraction problems on Vimeo

Now watch this video about multiplying 4 digits by 2 digits. This will remind you how to do the formal method when completing problem solving questions.

Spr5.2.4 - Multiply up to a 4-digit number by a 2-digit number on Vimeo

Now download the work below. Remember to refer back to the videos to help you.



K.L: Sentence type.

Download the PowerPoint below.

The PowerPoint is split into three days. For each day, read the instructions very carefully. Then complete the task. Remember, this is split into three days so you are doing a task a day.



Day 1:

K.L: Read and respond.

Read scene 2, this can be downloaded from below.

You can also watch scene 2 by clicking on this link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z43gp4j

In this scene, Explain to the children

Oberon tells Puck to put the magic juice into the eyes of Demetrius. However, Puck makes a mistake and puts the juice in Lysander’s eyes. This has terrible consequences as now Lysander loves Helena instead of Hermia!

Who do you blame for this?

Is it Oberon’s fault or Puck’s fault? Are they both to blame?

Task 1:

Complete this grid. You are collecting evidence for who is to blame. See who has more evidence to show they are to blame for the mistake made.

Evidence that shows that Oberon is to blame

Evidence that shows that Puck is to blame








Task 2:

Read or watch Extract 2 again.


We know that Puck has made a terrible mistake by putting the magic juice in Lysander’s eyes. However, Puck thinks that he has followed Oberon's instructions correctly.


Write a short diary entry for Puck. Think about the following:


What attitude do you think Puck will have? (Remember, he thinks he carried out the task correctly.)


Will he be feeling proud of himself and happy to have caused some mischief?

Perhaps he feels guilty that he is playing with somebody’s feelings?


Day 2:

K.L: Language.

Task 1:

Read through Act 2. Scene 1.

I want you to write a paragraph how Shakespeare presents the world of the fairies to the audience.

There are sentence stems to download below. Use these to help you answer the question.

Task 2:

Complete the Venn diagram using words to describe the three groups of characters. Where the circles overlap you can place words which apply to both characters. Use the play to help you.

 The three words are:

  • Aristocrats
  • Labourers
  • Fairies

Day 3:

K.L: Character development

Read Act 2 scene 2. Payclose attention to Puck in this scene.

Answer this question:

What error does Puck make?

What consequences could it have?                

Use PEE.




Files to Download