Parent information


If you are informed by any establishment that your child needs to self-isolate, then you must ensure that this takes place. If children are self-isolating from school, they must not attend a mosque class or other club or group. Similarly, if they are self-isolating from a mosque, they must not come to school until the 14 days of isolation is over.

During this time, it is a criminal offense for your child to be out and mixing with other people and you could receive a fine of up to £10, 000 for breaking this rule.

The children must not play out, go shopping, visit other people’s homes.



It is very important that you look out for any symptoms that your child may have and get a test immediately if they have any symptoms of COVID.


Sending them into school with symptoms of COVID will put the rest of the children, and the staff, at risk of contracting the infection and could lead to unnecessary illness and time away from school for all concerned.


We are doing our very best in school to limit the possible spread of COVID and we need all of our families to do the same.