Rainbow Children Home Learning

Rainbow Children Home Learning Page

This page is made up of pictures sent in by families at Reedley who want to share their home learning with you.

Enjoy looking through the pictures to find yourself or your friends.

Remember if you would like to share some learning with us please send it to the following email address: rainbow@reedley.lancs.sch.uk

Zayn in 1RE has being doing a project about the Great Fire of London and has created a lovely piece of artwork showing the houses and the flames. Zayn has also written a acrostic poem about chocolate that is making me really want some chocolate. Well done Zayn!smiley                                            

Zayn has continued his learning at home and this week has  learnt the story ‘Supertato’ through a text map. Zayn then innovated some parts and wrote his re-telling of the story. Keep up all the har work you are doing Zayn! smiley

Zayn has been busy handwriting and posting a letter. I wonder who is going to be the lucky person to receive this amazing letter? 

WOW! This has made my day! I received this beautiful letter from Zayn this morning when I arrived at school smiley Thank you Zayn for making me smile today, we are missing you too! smiley


Seheri has been clapping on a Thursday night for the Key Workers and wanted to make a beautiful banner for her window. What a lovely idea heart I love the rainbow Seheri!!smiley

Ali Murtaza has has a been doing some gradening at home.  He has also been following the Year 2 English topic and has been following recipes. That trifle looks yummy!!!! smiley

Arooj, Nimra and their sister have been celebrating VE day by having a picnic outside. It looks like you had lots of fun girls! Arooj has loved reading the Rainbow Fish story and has been sharing her toys just like the fish shared her shiny scales! smiley

Zachariahs been doing lots of learning. He has been looking at the English topic learning from the website and has been doing writing about dogs. He has also been using things at home to help his maths learning. I love dominoes its so much fun!  smiley

As part of his literacy learning, Zachariah used his imagination to pretend to go on safari in search of a hyena from the book The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson. He used a his toy basket as a jeep and used the adjectives 'grotty' written by the author to sing along to the tune of We're Going on a Bear Hunt. Zachariah loves the books written by this author and has other books she's created which he enjoys reading. smiley

Dawuud has worked hard writing character descriptions and stories in English. He has been learning about plants in Science and is now learning about the Great Fire of London. Dawuud makes his neighbours smile when clapping for the NHS and key workers every Thursday. Well done Dawuud! smiley


Daannyaal has been busy! He has been following our English topic put on the website and has done lots of writing about pets and Hairy Mclary. He has been reading lots which is wonderful to see and has been learning about and painting plants. Daanyaal has also baked a cake which looks delicious. When Mrs Gorrell sees this she is going to want a piece saving for her!!! smiley

Fatima in Year 2 has been really busy doing lots of English and Maths learning. Looks like you are filling up your book with lots of good learning. Fatima has also been busy planting and growing plants in her garden. I can't wait to see them once the flowers have bloomed. smiley

Umme has painting a beautiful picture to share with us. It is a lovely painting.Well done Umme smiley

After listening to Shark in the Park and Commotion in the Ocean, Sami in Reception, was inspired to create and paint his own shark. Good work Sami smiley


Harris has been doing lots of work at home and we have loved seeing these pictures. Well done Harris!smiley

Tasqeen and Mum watched the rainbow fish story on youtube. Tasqeen really enjoyed the story and understood the moral too mum asked her to draw her favourite scene, she drew this picture and told me the fish has only one shiny scale left but she is going to jump for joy into the ocean because she is finally happy. Tasqeen has also been doing some super Maths work. Well done!smiley

Zainab Arif's Year 5H Beautiful Baking



Hamza Mehmood 5H has been very busy completing home learning. Here are some examples of his fabulous work - I love the drawings!


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