At Reedley, we recognise the many benefits of PE and sport, and are dedicated to promoting healthy and active lifestyles. We have worked hard to develop a broad and varied PE curriculum, and ensure all children from KS1 and KS2 receive quality PE teaching from either the class teacher or a specialist coach.

Children in the Early Years are also provided with regular opportunities to develop physical and social skills through a wide range of physical activities and games.

Through the strong curriculum, as well as a wide variety of excellent clubs, we hope to develop a love of physical activity and sport in all our children and encourage life-long participation in sport.

Reedley Ambassadors

We are looking to create  ‘Reedley Ambassadors” for Reedley Primary School.  We are looking for a diverse group of young people who join together to develop, organise and promote school sport and inter house school competitions as well as run lunch ties and break time sports clubs  You need to be enthusiastic, self-motived and committed.

Your role:

  • Contribute to decisions about sporting activities and sports competition at Reedley.
  •  Engage in aspects of school life outside timetabled lessons e.g. Help run the Fun Friday club, help run playtimes, attend matches (even if you are not playing) and write match reports.
  •  Air views and have opinions listened to.
  • Influence and shape school sport for their peers.
  • Help organise inter house competitions within Reedley
  • Be valued and seen as an integral part of the workforce.
  • To promote values in school.

Applications are to be sent this week! Would you like to apply?


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