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We always welcome your views on school.

We recently carried out a parental survey about the effectiveness of our remote learning during the Jan-March 2021 lockdown.  Please click on the link at the bottom of the page to download the results.

Please see the results below of the most recent parental and pupils questionaire, carried out in March 2019.  We have included a summary of the results.

Summary of parent/carer survey on home learning at Reedley Primary School - February 2021

112 responses were provided for the survey

For a more detailed breakdown of the responses provided, pelase see the document below.


What are your views on the amount of learning that your child's teacher sets everyday?

17% - Too much

76% - A manageable amount

7%  - Not enough

Have you sent any work to any of the teachers using email during this lockdown period?

77% - Yes

23% – No

If you haven’t sent any work, what are the reasons?

11 responses - I didn’t know that it was expected

4 responses - I don’t have time

1 response - My child hasn’t done any work

1 response- I need help with how to do this

8 responses – Other

If you have sent work to the teacher, has your child/children been provided with feedback?

21 responses - Doesn’t apply to me, I haven’t sent any work

4 responses – Sometimes

87 responses – Yes

Have school staff spoken with your child/children on the phone?

92% - Yes

8% – No

If school staff have not spoken to your child/children, what are the reasons for this?

6 responses  - Missed the calls

1 response - Parents/carers have been too busy

2 responses - Child/children didn’t want to talk to staff

Has your child enjoyed the calls with school staff?

3 responses – No

10 responses – Sometimes

99 responses – Yes

Have the feedback calls been useful?

103 responses - Yes

1 response - No

8 responses – Sometimes

Have you found the pre-recorded videos to be useful?

75% - Yes

4% - No

17 %– Sometimes

4% - We haven't accessed the pre-recorded videos

Do you know how to contact your child's teacher if you need further support?

4% - No

96% – Yes


Summary of Pupil Questionnaire - March 2019

  • The large majority of pupils take pride in their work and work hard to be the best that they can be.
  • The children feel that staff work hard for them and explain how to improve their work.
  • A large majority of children feel behaviour is good in our school.  
  • Children feel that adults deal with any poor behaviour quickly and fairly.
  • The vast majority of our children are proud of their school and feel safe and happy.


Summary of Parent Questionnaire - March 2019

  • Overall, a large majority of parents are happy with the provision provided by Reedley Primary School.
  • Parents believe that school is well led and managed, responding well to any concerns raised.
  • Parents know their child feels happy and safe in school and that adults in school care about their child.
  • A large majority of parents would recommend our school to other parents.
  • Parents feel their child has access to effective extra-curricular activities.

If you have any feedback about school, you can pass this on to any member of staff. There are always staff members in the playground each morning and at the end of the day.

You can also view the results of our parents and carers on the 'Ofsted Parent View' site.

You can add your views to this questionnaire by following these instructions:


How to register your views on Parent View

1. Log onto Parent View

2. Look under the section ‘Not registered yet?’.

           Click Register now.

3. Answer questions at bottom of page.

           Are you a parent?

           How many schools do your children attend?

4. Click – register now.

5. Log onto your email account and find the email.

           (From: ‘views’    Subject:  Account details for ……)

6. Click on the link

7. Log on to Parent View and follow the instructions to complete the     questionnaire including entering the name and address of the school.

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