Week beginning 29th June - Home Learning

Week beginning 29th June - Home Learning

Dear Year 4 children, parents and carers,

Here you will find a range of activities to complete this week.

Each week we will add a new unit of work for you to complete, these can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page and are under "Files to Download". A lot of the tasks require you to follow links online, please remember that adults should ensure that children are remaining safe online, and be aware that Youtube videos may contain adverts or updates which are out of our control.

When your child has completed their work, we would love to see a picture of them or read about what they have been doing.

If your child is in Mrs Lambert's class, please send to mrslambert@reedley.lancs.sch.uk

If you child is in Miss Veldon's class, please send to missveldon@reedley.lancs.sch.uk

The time table will show you which learning to complete each day. Don't forget to send your learning to your teacher. 

Have fun learning!

Mrs Lambert and Miss Veldon



English Day 1, read for 30 minutes, Maths Lesson 1, BugClub



English Day 2, read for 30 minutes, Maths lesson 2, TTrockstars, PE



English Day 3, read for 30 minutes, Maths lesson 3, PSHE flag activity



English Day 4, SPAG.COM, Maths lesson 4, My Maths, PE



English Day 5, read for 30 minutes, My Maths, TTrockstars, PE

Week 11 - Dragons 

Welcome to week 11 home-learning pack. This week our theme is dragons!

The following link directs you to a video that explains each Maths lesson. 


Files to Download