World Book Day

World Book Day 2019

First, Miss Wade and Miss Harvey would like to say a big well done to everyone for their efforts with World Book Day. Thank you to all of the parents who worked hard to help your children in dressing up as their favourite book characters. The children were incredibly well behaved as they engaged with Middle Reedley's carousel of activities. 

We first travelled to Miss Veldon's class where we wrote letters to crayons! It was a very funny book and we all had a good giggle at the thought of writing letters to try and convince crayons that we would care for them better. 

Next, Mr Gaughan welcomed us in to his classroom and introduced us to his favourite book. Mr Gaughan's favourite book was 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl. We recapped the moment that Charlie found the Wonka bar with his golden ticket in. Then we got to each create our own chocolate bar with a golden ticket. We had lots of messy fun.

After that, we travelled on to Miss Livesey's classroom. Miss Livesey shared with us that her favourite book was George's Marvellous Medicine. This resulted in lots of disgusting creations of our own being made! We thought of the most disgusting things to create our own potions and we voted Hadeen's and Samiyah's potions as the most digusting!

Finally, we came back to our own classroom and Miss Wade shared her favourite book with us, Gansta Granny. We had a good giggle in talking about what the word 'Granny' means to each of us. We drew what we thought a Granny should look like. We thought David Walliam's description of Granny was pretty good but Gangsta Granny is a bit different to the Granny's that we thought of!

We finished our afternoon with some World Book Day maths, which we really enjoyed. Then, we were able to watch and get involved in a live lesson from the BBC which included solving World Book Day related clues. It was a very exciting day!