Year 6 PSHE & Transition


Year 6 can be a challenging age with lots of big changes on the horizon! In this time of uncertainty, it's important that we fully support our children's physical, social, health and emotional needs to ensure that they cope during this turbulent period. 

The PSHE Assosciation have released a number of lessons aimed at supporting children at home and hopefully get conversation flowing between families about issues/ worries that children may be facing. 

Please read this Parents/Guardians Guide to delivering PSHE beforehand -

Below are the links to the lessons currently avialable covering:

- Dental Health

- Importance of Sleep

-Families and Friendships (discusses missing these special people during this time)

-Mental Health and Wellbeing

-Online Safety (aimed at KS3 but could be useful for some KS2 children)

We hope that you find these helpful and that all our children and their families are coping well with these changes.

Miss Pool & Miss Barnes 


Year 6 are rapidly heading toward September where they will be moving to Secondary School. This can be very unnerving for some children and it is important we make time to ensure that our children are properly prepared. 

Available to download at the bottom is a Transition Activity Booklet that you can work through with your family to get thinking about the big move! 


Files to Download