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Dear Parents/Carers

School Finishing Times

From Monday 13th September, school will finish at 3.30pm for all children, ending the temporary early finishing times that were brought in, due to COVID procedures.

The pedestrian gate will be locked at 3.35pm.

All children need to be collected from the playground, with adults entering through the new black pedestrian gate. The gates will be opened at 3.25pm.

As there will be a greater number of people in the school playground at the same time, we ask that you follow these procedures:

1) Stand back from classroom doors or gates when collecting your child.

2) Keep a distance from other families and encourage your children to do so too.

3) Once you have collected your children, they need to stay with you. They should not be playing or running around the playground.

4) Collect your child(ren) and then leave the playground, rather than stopping and talking to other families.

5) Be prepared to stand back and wait for a moment if there are a lot of people leaving the playground at the same time.

6) Wear a mask, if you choose to do so.

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