SEND Learning Resources

Below are some links and programmes which may support your child and their Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND). I have split the resources in to Areas of Need to help find suitable resources quickly. These areas are: 

  • General resources
  • Communication and Interaction
  • Cognition and Learning
  • Physical and/or Sensory
  • Social, Emotional, Mental Health

I will aim to update this page with new resources or support pages as I find them to ensure a wide range of resources are available. If you have any concerns about your child's needs or feel the need for a specific resource which is not here, please let your child's class teacher know during contact calls or via the class email and I will try to find suitable resources or support. 

I am currently streamlining the 'Parent SEND Home Learning Toolkits' so that they are more up to date and easier to read. I will leave them online so they are accessible to you, but the new document will hopefully be a lot clearer and easier to read. 

Thank you,

Miss Cowell (SENCO)


General resources

  • The government have released a list of resources for a range of subjects and needs, including well-being and Special Educational Needs. Please click HERE to view this page.
  • Lancashire Local Offer is a a central page which provides a wide range of information to support children and their families. Lancashire Local Offer also have a facebook page which provides regular updates regarding news, support webinars and events and support resources such as programmes, stories and virtual tours. 
  • ChatterPack are a voluntary-run special education needs and disability hub. They have compiled a list of resources for supporting for a wide range of needs including, but not limited to, Speech and Language, ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and many more. Their resources support both offline and online learning and also have some support links for parents of children with SEN. Please click HERE to view this page.
  • Lancashire SEND Team have also created a parent toolkit with a variety of activities to do at home. I have attached a copy at the bottom of this page.


Communication and Interaction

  • National Austism Society have release home learning support resources and strategies to support children with Autism and their families. Please click HERE to view this page.
  • Makaton is a language programme which uses speech, signs and symbols to communicate. Click HERE to view their page and access some free resources via their shop. Something Special is a Cbeebies programme which uses and teaches children Makaton. Click HERE for Something Special Episodes and HERE for other resources and games from Something Special.
  • Bridge Speech and Language are an independent Speech and Language Therapy practice which work closely with school on a regular basis. They have created a resource with a variety of vocabulary games on to play with your children. It can be found on their Facebook page and Twitter page or I have attached a copy at the bottom of this page. Their social media pages also contain videos of how these games may be played with a variety of age groups.


Cognition and Learning

  • White Rose Maths have released all their Spring term workbook for free on Kindle. These cover a range of Maths concepts and will be useful for extra practise if you wish to use them. You will need either a Kindle or the Kindle app on your phone, tablet or computer to open these workbooks.
  • The Maths Factor is a online teaching and learning programme for teaching Maths for age 4-11, set up by Carol Vorderman. The programme teaches Maths through online video lessons, practise and games. Children receive certificates for completing lessons an parents can receive progress report, if they wish.  Parents can create their own log ins and access 21 free days then the price becomes £4.99 a month. During the previous lockdown, accounts were made free for the whole lockdown, so may change again.
  • Touch typing is a skill which is beneficial to many children with additional needs. These two websites provide games for children to practice their touch typing skills. Typing club provide lessons and games. BBC Dance Mat provide leveled games.
  • Nessy is an online learning platform that support children with Phonics, Reading and Spelling. The programme is tailor made to children's needs and based upon initial questions at the start of the programme. Some children have access to this programme already at school. Please contact your class teacher via the class email if your child has forgotten their log-in details or if you are unsure whether your child aleady has, or would benefit from, an account. If your child does not already have a Nessy account, we need your permission (this can be given verbal via phone call or written in an email) to share the following information which will be stored on Nessy's electronic files:
    • Your child's name
    • Your child's date of birth
    • Their school year
    • Progress made whilst using the program
  • RNIB Bookshare provide PDF online books for children with print based difficulties under the needs of sensory impairments or cognitive difficulties such as Visual Impairment, Autism, ADHD/ADD, Dyslexia, and many others. If you feel your child qualifies for this service, an account can be made through school just email your class teacher of myself.
  • PhonicsPlay have a variety of child friendly games to support children with differing needs, from the very basics of learning to read up to learning more advanced sounds and spelling rules. 
  • Books For Topics have a bank of videos of authors reading their own stories. These books are suitable for ages 3-11. Simply find a book and use the QR code to access the video.
  • Borrow Box - This is an app which can be downloaded to access the Lancashire County Council Library Service via your phone or tablet. You can borrow e-books to read and also audiobooks to listen to. There is a wide variety of books from classics to popular books and there is often some new releases. There is no charge, you just need to have a library account/card with Lancashire Libraries and there are no library fines as the books are automatically returned when your borowing time is over. Please be aware, there are adult books also on this app so please monitor which books your child is accessing.


Physical and/or Sensory

  • RNIB Bookshare provide PDF online books for children with print based difficulties under the needs of sensory impairments or cognitive difficulties such as Visual Impairment, Autism, ADHD/ADD, Dyslexia, and many others. If you feel your child qualifies for this service, an account can be made through school if you ask during your weekly contact calls.
  • Sensory Spectacle's Youtube Channel have a variety of multisensory ideas and recipes to try at home.
  • Some Ocupational Threrapists have created Youtube channels with fine and gross motor skill activities or ideas and support for parents to complete at home. 
    • GriffinOT releases daily videos for fine motor activities that children can follow along using everyday household objects.
    • Ruth VanGorder has a range of videos for fine motor and mindfullness for children to copy along with.
    • Your Kids OT are uploading videos aimed at parents, describing activities to complete with your child using household objects. They explain which skills are developed and how you can adapt the activities to suit your child.


Social, Emotional, Mental Health

  • YoungMinds are an organisation who support children and young people with their mental health. They provide lots of information for young people and parents around promoting good mental health. 
  • The Red Cross have released some activities to support home learning surrounding well-being, kindness and reslience.

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