Parental Involvement

Here are some of our upcoming parental events and some handouts and information from previous events.

Upcoming events:

31/10/2022 at 2:30 - Maths Whizz (Previously advertised as 21/10/2022)


Meet with Miss Cowell (SENDCO) and other parents to discuss how using Maths Whizz has gone over the past 2 weeks. It's also an opportunity to ask anymore questions you may have. If you missed the previous session, feel free to attend and find out any information you need.


Past events:

Chill and Chat 07/10/2022 - Maths Whizz

Andy, our Maths Whizz Consultant, led some training about the Maths support programme 'Maths Whizz'. Find the handouts below:

How to log on to Maths Whizz


Chill and Chat 30/09/2022 - Getting to know you

Parents of children with SEND were invited to meet Miss Cowell, SENDCO and other parents whilst enjoying a brew and biscuits.

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