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Tuesday 1st October, 2019



Dear Parents/Carers


Parent Meetings with Teachers

All parents/carers will be invited to attend our parent/teacher sessions, which will take place in the week beginning 14th October. Dates and times will be released on School Spider next week for you to book your appointment.

In the meantime, please ensure that you are able to access School Spider.

If you haven’t done so, please see Mrs Iqbal. You will need to provide an accurate email address and then install the School Spider App. Instructions for this can be found on our school website under OUR SCHOOL and SCHOOL OFFICE.


SWAT ambassadors

12 children have been chosen to be our SWAT ambassadors.  This means they will work alongside other children from our cluster of schools (Schools Working and Achieving Together). They will also be learning ambassadors within school, delivering important messages about learning to our children. They attended a launch day on Monday 30th September alongside the other schools, in a creative day focusing on the Wizard of Oz story.


Reading Buddies

20 children from Y5 and Y6 have been successful in their application to become reading buddies. They support our younger children with reading activities during their lunchtime.


Library Bus

The library bus is visiting our school on Thursday. Some children from each class will be able to choose some new books for their year group bookshelves.


Hothersall Lodge

Year 6 had a great day out last Friday at Hothersall Lodge. The weather was not the best, but all the children (and staff) had an amazing experience taking part in educational and physical activities as part of the outdoor curriculum.


Year 5 – history day

Year 5 had a visit from the a local historian to launch their topic of Anglo-Saxons last week. The children have been sharing with me, the vast amount of knowledge that they gained during the experience. Thank you to the parents who contributed towards this as we could not have funded it otherwise.



I have received a number of complaints from local residents over the last few weeks, stating that drivers are parking in front of private driveways when dropping off and picking up children. Please ensure that you park in a way that is safe, legal and courteous. There are also a number of drivers who continue to stop on the yellow zig zags or the solid yellow lines. Some drivers also drop children off at junctions or perform turns in the road during very busy times. All of these actions could restrict children’s views when crossing the road, which could lead to an accident. We will continue to take photographs of any drivers who stop in the restricted areas, which are then sent to the police.

I cannot emphasise strongly enough that one mistake from a driver could have very serious consequences for our children. Please do not break the law in order to park close to school. Instead, please find a safe place to park and then walk the last few minutes to school.



All clubs start again this week. You will have received written confirmation if your child has a place in a club.

You will need to come to the main office at 4.15pm to collect your child. Please be patient as there will be a large number of children leaving at this time. Please do not arrive late to collect your children as the staff are giving their own time to run these clubs and it is unfair to make them stay in school longer than the advertised time.


After clubs on a Wednesday is the only time in the week that we allow pedestrians to use the driveway as we ensure that there will be no vehicles using the driveway at this time.  This is denoted by cones and a staff member in place at the end of the driveway. Once the cones from the end of the driveway have been removed, please use the pedestrian footpath to enter and leave the school.


Breakfast Club

Thank you to all parents/carers who have been using the main entrance to school for breakfast club each day. The breakfast club is open for admittance from 8am to 8.20am. Children arriving after 8.20am will not be able to enter. Breakfast Club is available to all children who need to use it. Children must be dropped off by an adult, who will sign them in and we ask for 50p per day towards costs.



We continue to have a number of children arriving late to school each morning, Using traffic or parking as a reason is not acceptable as you are all aware that parking spaces are limited and so therefore you would be expected to leave your home sooner.

This morning we had two attendance officers from Lancashire County Council standing at our gate, discussing the reasons behind lateness of any children arriving after 8:50am. This will be a regular occurrence over the coming weeks as we aim to get all of our children into class before lessons start at 8:50am.


Thank you for your support,


Mrs Sarah Bell


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