06.01.21 Letter confirming home learning procedures

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Wednesday, 06 January 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,

As you are aware, the children’s education will now consist of them carrying out home learning. It is a requirement by law that all children carry out at least three hours of home learning each day. However, in order for children not to fall behind in their learning, we recommend that this is supplemented with other educational activities, relevant to the child’s age.

The staff have spent the day today revising our procedures for the home learning. During next week, there will be some additional aspects to the learning, including links to pre-recorded teaching sessions for each day.

 Home Learning Procedures



The home learning on your class website page under a tab named HOME LEARNING.

There will be a range of work, suitable for different needs within the class.


All children have had passwords for online programmes such as Bug Club. Please keep these safe so that you know where they are when you need them.


Teacher email addresses are on the school website. These emails will be checked at least twice a week and staff will respond to your emails.


A member of staff will call your child on the telephone at least once a week for a ‘feedback and assessment’ phone call. These phone calls are expected to last approximately 10 minutes and the focus of the call is to give verbal feedback on the work that your child has carried out which will help the staff to plan work for the following week and will give your child further direction for their work that week.

They will discuss the specific work your child has carried out and will ask children to give examples of the work they have done. This is also an opportunity to ask for clarification if you, or your child, needs something explaining. They will be monitoring the access to the work set on programmes, such as Bug Club.

Please ensure that your phone is switched up loud so that you can hear it ring. The number will either be withheld or will start with 03. If you miss the call, please don’t call school. The staff member will try again at a different time. It is a good idea to put the phone on speaker during the call, so that you are also able to benefit from the feedback that is given. It would also be a good idea for you to make written notes throughout the call, regarding your child’s next steps.

We would like you to take a photo of some of your child’s work, especially one piece of writing that they do independently each week. |This should be emailed to the teacher’s email address. This writing will be discussed in the feedback phonecall.



Every day:

1 x 10 minute Maths video

1 x 10 minute reading video

1 x 10 minute writing video


These videos will provide instructions on the work for the children to carry out.


This will be in the form of a link to YouTube for children. They can watch it at any time in the day and can pause, rewind and repeat as many times as they need to.


The following programmes will also be used (not all apply to all year groups)

 - My Maths per week: set 1 per week linked to learning from the videos made each week

 - Bug Club books per week: set 5 books per week

 - Spelling shed: 1 set of spelling per week

 - Purple Mash sessions per week

 - Times tables Rockstars: 1 battle per week within year groups


There will also be links to Joe Wicks PE activities, for your child to work on health and fitness.


We suggest that you make a timetable to follow each day. This will benefit all children by bringing structure to the day, but will also benefit those children who are sharing a device.



If you need to contact staff about work, please do so via email, or when they call your child. Please remember though, that all staff will be spending some time teaching the children of critical workers in school, so will not be available all the time.             

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Sarah Bell


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