18.10.19 Road safety, spelling bee, writing award, coffee morning, art week, chn uni, half term

Friday 18th October, 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,


Road Safety

You may be aware that after school yesterday there was a road traffic accident involving one of our young pupils. He was taken to hospital, but fortunately only sustained minor injuries. I feel the need to issue some reminders about road safety as we see a number of incidents every day, which could result in a serious incident.


Please speak with your children about basic road safety.

  • Remind them to stop, look and listen when they get to a curb and then look both ways whilst they are crossing the road.
  • Ensure that they know never to run, when crossing a road.
  • Ensure that all young children are holding hands with someone responsible as they walk beside roads, and when crossing roads. We see a number of young children leaving school daily without walking with the adult who collected them from their teacher.
  • Pedestrians must use the pedestrian path provided and not walk through the staff carpark

Please remind all drivers of the importance of sticking to the rules of the road.

  • This includes not stopping on the solid yellow lines or the zigzags for ANY period of time, as doing so it restricts the view of children crossing the road.
  • Children must get in and out of cars on a pavement, and NEVER in the middle of the road


I cannot emphasise these points enough. Our children are so precious and one lapse in concentration could result in serious injuries, or worse.

We will continue to take photographs of cars breaking the law, which will then be sent to the police.


Spelling Bee

The word lists for the spelling bee have been made available to the children in Year 1 to Year 6 today.  Please support your child in learning to orally spell these words.


Sue Dean Writing Award

Iqra Asghar in Y5 has won our prestigious writing award for this term, the Sue Dean award.


MacMillan Coffee Morning

Thank you to our Mum2Mum group who raised over £100 for MacMillan with their coffee morning last week.


Art Week

All of our classes will be having the first of their three art weeks when they get back. Teachers will be inviting you all to come into school to share in your child’s work.


Children’s University

I have attached some ideas for tasks that you could carry out over the half term break. Children will receive one Children’s University credit for providing me with evidence of each completed activity. Please send all evidence into school by Friday 1st November.


Half Term

School is closed from Monday 21st October for half term. We will reopen on Tuesday 29th October.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Sarah Bell


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