25.11.20 Online safety, HSE visit, Christmas cards and gifts, holiday date for Christmas, parking, Children In Need


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Dear Parents/Carers


Online Safety

Please can you all ensure that you supervise your child’s use on any devices at home that connect to the internet. There have been a number of cases recently where children have used devices such as Playstations, to send unkind messages to each other. This has caused upset to the children involved and does not reflect the behaviour that we expect our pupils to demonstrate at any time. Some devices, such as a PS, allow parents/carers to download an APP, which can be used to monitor such messages, I would highly recommend that this is a tool used by parents/carers of all primary aged children when using such devices.



On 13th November, I had a visit from a representative from the Health and Safety Executive, monitoring our COVID procedures. As a result of the visit, she confirmed that she was happy with the control measures we have implemented and that the school was complying with the government guidance relating to the full reopening of schools.


Immigration status

When the UK leaves the EU on 1st January 2021, the immigration status of some residents may be altered. I suggest that if you were not born in the UK, you check your status to see if you or any family members need to apply for citizenship prior to this date.

Do a Google search for EU Settlement Scheme, for more information.


Christmas cards and presents for staff

As we are limiting the amount of things that pass from school to home, I am asking you all NOT to send Christmas cards into school for your child’s friends or teachers and please remember that children are not allowed to bring items from home for birthdays to share with other children at the moment.


In addition to this, some families like to show their appreciation to staff at the end of the year, by bringing in a small gift eg chocolates. Again, I am asking you NOT to do this during this current time, as we limit the items that pass from home to school.

If any of these items are brought into school, the staff will not accept them and will send them back home with the child.

If you wish to show your appreciation to your child’s teacher or teaching assistant, you and your child may send them an email of thanks during the last week of term, using their school email. These are only usually activated during a period of home learning, but I will activate them from Monday 14th December, so you can send any messages of thanks to the staff.



Children in Need

Thank you for your generous donations for the BBC Children In Need Appeal. We raised £352.



Thank you to all drivers who take the time to park a few minutes away from school, and then walk the last part. We are very grateful to you for the effort your make in keeping the roads safe around our school.

We do still however have some drivers who continue to park on the zigzags, the single yellow lines or the double yellow lines. The markings are there to provide a safe crossing area for our children. By parking in these areas, even for a few seconds, drivers are potentially endangering the safety of our children.


Christmas Holiday

School will close at 3.30pm on Friday 18th December and reopen on Tuesday 5th January 2021.


Thank you for your support

Mrs Sarah Bell