In Maths, this half term, we have been working on our place value. Place value is important for us to learn so we understand the value of the numbers we work with. We work to partition a number to look something like this:

                          Th   H   T    O   .  t   h

                              4     6     5    3                  

This number has four thousands, six hundreds, five tens and 3 ones. We have also learnt that numbers aren't always whole. These numbers can have decimal numbers, in the tenths and hundreths column. These numbers might look like this:

                          Th   H   T    O   .  t   h

                                                 4    .  3   7

We have worked hard on this topic and have applied our learning to support adding and subtracting bigger numbers, including thousands!                 




After the half-term, we have been working hard to use our knowledge of place value and we have applied it to lots of topics! All of us have had a go at using the multiplication grid method to multiply large numbers. Some of us can multiply 3 digit numbers, amazing! 

We have been exploring some more tricky topics, such as perimeter and data gathering. We are enjoying being challenged to learn new topics in Year 4. We are using our brains to solve any problem we find and we always show our 'can do' attitude!


This half-term we are looking at fractions! This has been an exciting topic as we have challenged ourselves with some tricky topics, such as adding and subtracting fractions. We have learnt keys words such as denominator, numerator and improper fractions. We have been lucky to use lots of practical equipment as we explore fractions. We are all starting to understand this topic and are making good progress.


Following on from our work on fractions, we have been looking at negative and positive numbers. You can ask us what is different about the two!

Here we are eahc with a number and getting in to the right order. It was a bit tricky at first but we are a good team and got the job done!

We have also moved on to a new topic this term. We could show our great understanding of perimeter and so we have worked on the topic of area. This has been quite tricky in places but we have continued to try really hard, you can see our fantastic pieces of work being created.

We each made a robot and could calculate the area of our robot!


Before half-term, our topic in maths was symmetry. This was a very exciting topic as we were able to use lots of interactive anf fun resources to explore our learning. We all found that we understood symmetry pretty quickly! We did a really good job identifying how many symmetrical lines some shapes had too. 

Here we are completing a warm-up activity, trying to be symmetrical with our partner!

Here we are identifying lines of symmetry in shapes:


We have really enjoyed starting our Maths work for the Summer Term. We have been working hard to understand the difference between discrete and continuous data. We worked really hard in our groups to collect and record our own data; we converted this in to our own bar charts.

The first step is collecting our data from other children in our class:

The second step is to draw out our tally charts to display the data:

The next step is to put this information on to your own neatly drawn bar chart:

After that, make sure your axis are labelled and your bar chart needs a title!