What are we learning in Maths?


In Maths we have been focusing on decimals. We have been ordering, adding and subtracting. We have also refreshed our memories using greater than and less than symbols to compare the value of numbers.
We have loved this topic as our class have shown some great resillience. In Red Headed Vultures we always remind our children that getting something wrong doesn't matter - because we WILL get it right if we try! Here are some examples of some great decimals work. (Work by Isra Mirza, Ayhan Ali and Nasir Hussain)

We have been working on angles, quadrilaterals, irregular and regular shapes. Here are some of the children categorising some shapes as a team. 

We have been looking at different ways to do multiplication. Here we have used different apparatus to help us get to our answer. 

We have begun learning how to work with negative numbers, we started by using multi-link to show how numbers can decrease before 0.

We have been brushing up on our knowledge about Roman Numerals. In pairs we played a game where we had to match the roman numeral with the correct arabic match. We got very competitive!

Times 1000, divide 1000 / PLACE VALUE

We are trying lots of different methods to help us with place value. We are enjoying using apparatus to support our learning.



We have been looking at converting measurment, L > Ml, M > KM
Here we was filling a booking using ML then converting to ML. Looks easy but is it? It was a good challenge for the class!