Our Learning this week in Happy Hippos

Date: 6th Dec 2019 @ 9:54am



Our Learning


In Literacy this week children have really enjoyed having first hand experiences speaking to people who help us. Many children have been poorly in our class and we discussed what we can do to cheer someone up if they are not well. Many children thought about making a card and we learned what we need to write on the card e.g. to/from and where it needs to be written.

We then had a visit from Dr Islam. He kindly took time out of his busy schedule to discuss his job and even brought equipment in his bag to show everyone, leaflets about the flu and stickers for our doctors role play area. Children have been reading books about doctors and others who help them such as cleaners, receptionists nurses pharmacists etc.  



We also had a visit from three PCSOs from our local area. They spend all afternoon with us discussing their job, showing us their equipment and even their police car. All children discussed the importance of everyone wearing a seatbelt. We were all surprised at the siren, it was very loud and we discussed why these sirens need to be loud. Children also had the opportunity to sit inside the police car and they pressed a button to turn the flashing blue lights on! After this we printed lots of pictures from the visit and children tried hard to use new vocabulary in a sentence to write about their new learning.





In Maths children have been learning all about sorting into groups. Children enjoyed sorting themselves into groups such as colourful socks and black socks, jumper and no jumper. Children then looked around the classroom and chose what they would like to sort and discuss how they had sorted them. We then compared the two groups and discussed which group had fewer/more/the same and we introduced the word equal for this. Children represented their amounts with mathematical equipment.


On Tuesday we all enjoyed performing our Nativity play for the whole school. We are so excited to show parents our play on Tuesday.





The last few tickets will be given out Friday afternoon/Monday morning.


Thank you for your continued support, Miss Mackenzie and Mrs King.