W/C 3/06/19

Date: 7th Jun 2019 @ 11:15am

 Our Learning.

The Butterfly Class had an exciting start to the week as they visited The Blue Planet Aqarium. The children learned an octopus has 9 brains and 3 hearts, they also learned that everytime a shark lost a tooth another one fell out they also learnt that a sharks skin is dermal denticles.



This week the children have been reading the book "The Rainbow Fish". Children sequenced some pictures in the correct order and then wrote a sentence about it to retell the story.


The children who went on the trip started to retell their day, they began with orally retelling the story then they sequenced pictures in order and using time conjunctions.



In maths this week children have been working on their doubling and halving. They used losts of different maths resources to help them solve the 'double trouble' problem for Mrs Bell and her dogs. The children discussed the problem, chose the equipment they wanted to use to help them and then wrote the number sentence before solving it by counting the equipment. 


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