04.01.21 Reedley School - move to Home Learning from 5th January 2021

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Monday, 04 January 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,


Earlier today, Reedley School governors took the decision that the majority of the pupils will move to home learning from Tuesday 5th January.

Since then, the Prime Minister has also announced another national lockdown, including schools.


School will be open from Wednesday 6th January for the children of critical workers and for children classed as vulnerable.

Whilst in school, these children will carry out the home learning set out by their teachers and will be supported by staff members.


Critical Workers

If you feel that your child falls into this category and you have no alternative childcare provision within the permitted guidelines, then please fill out the form at the end of this letter and email it to school by 11am on Tuesday 5th January to admissions@reedley.lancs.sch.uk

See below for the definition of a critical worker.

Please remember that the aim is to limit the number of people on site, so please only request this provision for your child if you have no viable alternative.


Vulnerable children

Children will fall into the vulnerable category for a number of reasons.

This will include children that have a social worker, have an EHCP plan for additional needs or have missed a large amount of school.

Families of children in this category will be contacted by school staff on Tuesday 5th January.


Children will also need to attend school if they do not have access to a device on which to carry out their remote learning. You must contact school by 11am on Tuesday 5th January and inform us if this is the case.


Remote Learning


It is very important that the children carry out learning at this time, as we cannot let their education suffer as a result of COVID.


Staff have been working to provide home learning for their classes and these are to be found on the class website pages under HOME LEARNING.

The online work will be monitored by school staff  and updated regularly.

Children will receive regular phone calls from school staff. During the calls, staff will speak to your child about the work that they have carried out and can address any issues that your child has.

Please ensure that Mrs Iqbal has the up to date phone number that you wish your child to be contacted on. The staff will also be happy to speak to parents and carers too, in case you want to ask anything about the learning.




Home Learning Packs

 As children will be in school if they do not have access to a device, we are not producing paper copies of the home learning. It is also not recommended that we pass paper from school to home, to minimise the spread of the infection.


Entitlement to Free School Meals

We will provide a lunch for the families who are entitled to a free school meal, if the children are not in school. Families will be contacted directly about these arrangements.


Teacher emails

The teacher emails will be activated so that you can email your child’s teacher in regard to their work.

The email addresses are listed on the class website page.


Thank you so much for your support in these difficult times.  I hope that you all continue to keep yourself and your families safe.


Please make sure that you contact school if you feel that your child needs to come to school from Wednesday 6th January. You will then be provided with specific information once we have confirmed that you child will be attending.


Thank you for your support,


Mrs Sarah Bell