This week's learning

In Maths children have been learning about subtraction. Children played a bus subtraction game where they subtracted people off their bus at different stops. The children also enjoyed a bug subtraction game. We said the number sentence together and watched our teachers write the calculation e.g. we had 6 bugs on the leaf, 4 got eaten now we only have 2 left so we write 6-4=2.

In Literacy we read the book Whatever Next. We all loved retelling the story using props. Children developed their vocabulary through talking about how Baby Bear felt when he travelled to the moon. All children thought he felt happy. Teachers helped children to use other words such as excited, amazed, joyous and thrilled. Children developed their ability to describe what Baby Bear looks like e.g. he had dark dirty fur after that had fallen down from the chimney.

We have loved experimenting with creating our own rockets using lots of different materials such as bottles, glue, string, tape, paper etc